My BGD Diamond Studs are on their way Down Under!

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  1. After seeing so many pciturs of everyone's stunning diamond stud earrings, I decided to splurge on myself and buy some 14ct white gold martini's. After searching online and through Pricescope pages I ended up going with BGD. The service I received from Jamie was outstanding and he reccommended a few pairs of diamonds until we finally found a pair that were the right size, cut & clarity and more importantly, in my budget.

    They are 0.34ct & 0.35ct G, SI1:yahoo: and are on their way to me in Australia at the moment. I have attached the glamour shots they gave me but will be sure to post ear shots when I have them - hopefully not too far away.

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  2. oooo they look nice!!!
  3. Beautiful!!! Martinis are lovely!
  4. Gorgeous! I have studs with almost the exact specs and love them! Congrats!!!
  5. Nice!! I want some!!
  6. Lovely...enjoy!!!
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm now a little bit annoyed that my earrings are going to be bigger than my engagement ring. I guess all the more reason for me to upgarde in the next few years - although with young children I'm not sure when that will happen! I'm so tempted by BGD's 3 stone princess cut diamond trellis ring - its gorgeous!
  8. Are you sure you can't add it to your Christmas wish list???
  9. YAY they are beautiful! Just about to post my new ones from blue nile right now! :yahoo:
  10. I wish Contessa.....unfortunatley, we have just borrowed some $$$ from the bank to re-do our kitchen. It needs a total rennovation (our house is 1940s) so I'm thinking its now going to have to wait until the kids are grown up.

    I can still dream about getting it upgraded one day.
  11. Beautiful! Make sure to post some pics for us.
  12. Congrats. Can't wait to see modeling pics!
  13. Here's some pictures - its so hard trying to take pictures of your own ears! Sorry, you can't really see the hearts & arrows in them but they are there and they just glow on my ears. I think they are the perfect size - what do you all think?:biggrin:

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