My Bgal friends help me to decide

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  1. Ladies, my head is spinning trying to decide between the Violet City w/RH, Violet First, or GSH Violet Day? :bagslap:Please help me decide before Monday. :sweatdrop: I will appreciate any other suggestions you may have for me. Thanks.:heart:
  2. Wow! Great (and difficult) choices. I don't know that I'll be much help, but here goes . . .

    I'm not the biggest GH fan, but do really like the SGH/silver combo, so I think I'm kind of favoring the day. Otherwise, I'd go by size - do you think you'd get more use out of a city or first?
  3. I vote for the Violet SGH Day! I think the SGH makes the violet "pop"... whereas the RH make the color a bit plain.. JMHO! good luck "L"!!!
  4. Thanks willow - Well, my favorite style is the Day and i have been waiting to get the First. The GSH Day looks so pretty but i am not sure if i should get another GH bag.:confused1: I am not worried about the size so much as the style. Do i make any sense?:push:
  5. I vote for getting the GSH Day - it's such a gorgeous combo!
  6. Hmm, my initial vote was going to be for the Day. But after hearing that you've been waiting for the First and aren't sure that you want another GH bag, I'm changing my vote for the First! I'm sure the First will look sooo gorgeous in Violet!
  7. Yes. I vote for the First. I think it is classy, understated, and yet the violet color makes a statement. Very nice! I think City rh is too blah- not that I don't think it's nice! -just that between the three, this is my opinion. The sgh Day- love. I don't think the sgh Day is too much in itself- but you do have lots of gh bags, soooo, the First is my rec. Or, a plain rh Day. But, for rh in this color, I think the First is a sleeker, versatile bag as opposed to the Day. BUT if you love Days, then maybe you should go with that because yo know you will love it.

    You really can't go wrong- violet is so great.
  8. Another vote for the SGH day. :yes:
    I haven't made the jump to GH yet, but I think this combo is so pretty! :heart: Good luck on your decision!
  9. I'd you don't have any firsts, go for it in violet, I LOVE the first in vibrant colors, and I think a violet first would be an amazing combo. Also go for the first if you already have a lot of GH bags. If neither case applies, SGH day all the way!! :tup:
  10. I definitely vote for a RH Violet City as I personally believe that RH is timeless and you can't go wrong with a City.:love: Good luck with your choice, Nanaz, and I am sure whatever you choose will be beautiful!:tender::heart:
  11. Ok i borrowed these pictures from our lovely pfers with different styles and hardwares. May be if i see them side by side it will help us a bit,:hrmm: but too bad the First is not out yet.:sad:
    img0445afu5.jpg 1204018304_e59e443126.jpg DSC00222.JPG
  12. Another vote for the Violet First. I'm loving this color and the first has such perfect proportions, it will be stunning whichever bag you do get that's for sure ;o)
  13. I'm going to echo a couple of other people's sentiments and say that since you already have some gh bags and have been wanting the first, then you should probably go with that. It will be gorgeous no matter what you finally decide though!
  14. As a Day person, do you really like the first? Not too little for you? My real vote goes to SGH Day, but if you want a change in style and to rh, the first. This is a great color for a first.
  15. hey girlie! this is a tough's between the First and the City. I think this color would look great in both styles. Do you have a First in your collection? I think if you don't have a First yet, you should stick with your original plan........a Grape First will look beautiful.:tup: