My BG Pink City arrived!!**Pics!!**

  1. I just came back from vacation and my BG Pink City was already waiting here for me!! :yahoo: I am completely in love- this colour is so gorgeous!:love:Here are some pics!:tender: Hope you like it, too!:yes::heart:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Wowzer! She looks so good on you!!! I was inspired by BGP in the recent "spring bags" thread. Well done? p.s. Are you ever not on a holiday??? I want your life! LOL!
  4. Thank you, KDC!:yes::heart: The semester started again on Monday so I'll be studying a lot for the coming months- are you sure you still want my life?;)
  5. Love that color and you look so happy taking photogs!
  6. Beautiful MarieG! It looks really great on you!! Congrats!!!!
  7. Very pretty and it looks fab on U!
  8. That bag looks really cute on you! I love bubblegum pink!!!!
  9. u r adorable!!! congrats on that beauty :smile:
  10. Congrats! Beautiful bgp! Looks great on you!
  11. She is GLORIOIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like broken-in BG a lot:heart: You two look so cute together:cutesy:

    Congrats for receiving your HG!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    PS: How was your holiday??
  12. You are so cute, it isn't funny! COngrats! You are as always BEYOND GORGEY!~
  13. Marie girl i love your photos.:tup: It makes me smile too.:yahoo: The bag looks awsome on you as always.:wlae: Congrats.:yahoo::heart:
  14. Thank so much for your kind comments, Brunettetiger, Purse-Ooooh, Spylove22, HappyAngel, Juneplum, J0yc3, Tooshies,Shasta and Nanaz !:tender::heart:

    My holiday was really good, Tooshies-thanks for asking!:yes: The first three days were probably the best because we had great powdery snow and sunshine all day long so we got a lot of snowboarding done!:yahoo: I'm glad to be back in the warmer climate now though!:yes:
  15. Wow....nice color and condition...congrat :tup: