My BFF brought my LV Handbags a Little Gift From Hawaii!

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  1. Her Grandkids live in Hawaii so she travels there about twice a year. (Lucky her - right?) :lol:

    I keep her dog for her while she's out of town so she is always so kind to bring me a small gift of thanks. :heart:

    She says I'm hard to buy for so this time she bought something for my Louis Vuitton handbags! Isn't that nice? :smile:

    Here's what it came in.

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  2. A stamped luggage tag....
  3. She's a very thoughtful gift giver so I just couldn't imagine what was in that pretty little bag. So I open it up and here's what I find. :shrugs:

    I think to myself well at least it's pink...

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  4. Oh..a purse hook. Very nice and thoughtful of her.
  5. That's so sweet!
  6. Wow you guys are good! I played with it and twisted it around and still couldn't figure it out! She knows pink is my favorite color and she knows I would never put my LV's on the floor (heaven forbid). :lol:

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  7. Cute gift!!:smile:
  8. And here it is in action. I have a few of these, but this pink sparkler is by far my new favorite! It works like a charm. :tender:

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  9. Congrats! Your bags are much too gorgeous to lay around on the ground! :yes:
  10. That was very sweet of her, I love my purse hooks!
  11. Such a thoughtful gift!
  12. Your friend is obviously thoughtful. It is a very practical gift :smile:
  13. Yes it really is. I see that you're from the UK. She grew up in London. I'm so glad she made it over to the States to live. I don't know what I would do without her. :love:
  14. Your bag looks lovely hanging from that adorable purse hook.
  15. that purse hook is so cute and love the pink sparkle and omg ur bag is TDF