My BF sold my Elisa sitting in the waiting room of the Dr's office.


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Hi All-

The BF had to take off work for Dr appts today. In the waiting room she met a woman who asked her about HER Elisa. My BF let her hold it, look at it, etc.. and then the woman asked where she got it. Long story short, after explaining that we both got them on eBay because it was a good deal less than the $800 BF told her she had mine that we were planning to sell.

BAM... the last duplicate purse has been sold! Now BF and I have no more identical purses that aren't getting used.

Well, we each have a Pink scarf tote from '05 but I have the large and she has the medium.


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Oct 4, 2007
Whoa... I must've missed some backstory here. And first I read that as boyfriend. Jeez.. I would have been UPSET if mine randomly sold one of my bags..


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Feb 26, 2008
^^ I read that as boyfriend too!! I was rather confused haha... but congrats if that is a good thing? I suppose it is because then you can invest in other bags to share (if that is what you do?)! I gotta admit I'm a smidgen confused!


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BEST friend. not boyfriend. I have a DH.

I bought my best friend and I Elisas on eBay and then we went on a ban to stop buying the same bags, but to share instead.

I returned my Black Felicia, she sold her pink snakeskin signature patchwork satchel, and now she sold my Elisa. I planned to list her on eBay, but there was a teacher at BF's school that wanted to buy a Coach purse. So I sent my Black/Sig Ali which hasn't sold after 4 listings on eBay and my Elisa. The teacher didn't end up buying either one, so BF still had them.

We still have identical accessories in most cases, but we aren't buying the same bags. Because we just mail them back and forth or when I go to visit, or pick up my godchild, I just get another one.

She has 1 of my Gucci, 1 of my LV, and I just sent her back her Felicia and her Miranda. We don't have the exact same taste, but it was REAL wasteful for us to continue to buy the same bags when we switch them out so often.

Does that help?


Sep 26, 2007
Central Texas
Sounds like a smart move. I wish I had someone who shared my love of Coach to swap out with! My friends don't have the Coach bug like I do (I mean they like it but they aren't INTO it ya know? They couldn't tell you the name of the bag they're carry. Crying shame if ya ask me but what can ya do? LOL).

That's cool that she sold it for you! What a random place to have sold it lol.


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Aug 2, 2006
I read it as boyfriend at first too... I understand everything a little more now after the explanation. Congrats on the sale, that is awesome that you didn't have to list it or pay fees. :tup:


Feb 22, 2008
This is so funny... I was reading BF (boyfriend) and I was imagine a guy with that bag but you said after "she" so I was imagine that your "boyfriend" was a woman!!!!!!!!!!! Lol
And with this "perfect" english that I have I was double confused!!!


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
I knew it meant best friend but I still got somewhat confused. Now I comprendo! That's cool you share with your BF. I don't think I could share my bags because I'd worry if my BF would get them dirty and she smokes, too. But if it works for you more power to ya!
Jul 5, 2007
Ohh now I get it.. I was about to have a long talk to my boyfriend to not get any ideas on selling my bags randomly in the street.


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Jun 21, 2007
Ahh, thinking BF was 'BoyFriend' was a much more interesting story! Just kidding!

That's great that you two share and only incur one expense on a pricey bag.

Do you both share the same standards of care for the bags, too?