My BF shocked me today!!

  1. Just a little story for you guys....

    My BF and I were walking about the city tonight looking for somewhere to go for dinner. I was dressed really casual and wasnt comfortable going any where dressy tonight cause I'm usually pretty dressed up, pretty dressed up compared to him anyways. I just wanted to go to a pub or something cause thats what I felt like.

    My BF says to me: what are you talking about?! He said: look at you, you look're wearing a hart&huntington hat, 3J workshop shirt, 7 jeans, a cute white leather bomber and A BALENCIAGA BAG!

    I was like :wtf: you're not suppose to know what Balenciaga is.....I thought you didnt know these were designer bags! Looks like the jig is up....the BF actually knew this whole time how much my bags were.....and I thought he was in the dark!:push: Now I really need to watch my new purchases :crybaby: Just goes to show you cant underestimate you're SO!
  2. Well you gotta love a guy that pays attention but

    :wtf: :sweatdrop: yeah the jig is seriously up!!!

  3. Cute story...just look at it this he knows what designer you like and will hopefully suprise you with one!:nuts:
  4. lol, cute story. :smile:
  5. Oh that would be nice!!!! I'm gonna have to start leaving my wishlist lying around the house and a map to Holt Renfrew! :graucho:
  6. :lol: that's DH didn't know what balenciaga was until i debuted mine. he noticed my bbag, and asked about it. sometimes, he calls my bbags "my precious". :p
  7. ahhhh he's paying attention, and making you feel beautiful when you don't feel you best. Sounds like a keeper.
  8. very cute story. a male that observant? sink your teeth in and don't let go! LOL
  9. Lol, That was so cute!!!
  10. cute story!

    One day i was just looking and adoring my b bags and my husband noticed them. He had no idea about the name and brand of my bags. I guess he must noticed the tassles and all of a sudden he said: it will be perfect if you carry it and ride a motocycle.

    I was laughing so hard. A man with no fashion sense could be inspired by our b bags too!
  11. Aww your cover is blown lol That's funny though! :smile:

    Yup, it seems like when one see's it IRL they fall in love. My boyfriend even asked me to show him the "male version balenciaga":wtf: This coming from a grungey skater!! and I do mean grungey LOL

    Also, my Mom said since I got my bbag my DAD checks out purses like crazy! haha I LOVE it cause I hope he'll buy me another:jammin:
  12. My EX use to do that.....after he found out about Bbags he was always checking them out and comparing them to mine!

    MY BF doesnt check out other bags but he knows style thats for sure. I shouldnt have been surprised, he's an interior designer by trade and an artist so of course he must have attention to detail!
  13. He is definitely a keeper! If I could clone him for the single girls out there I would in a flash :yes:
  14. lol my bf does that - except it's only online pics cause i never see any bbags (authentic or not) around here :sad:

    Your current bf does sound like a keeper.. and definitely leave your wishit lying around:roflmfao:
  15. wow!! I hope my husband doesn't find out what they are - I'll be ruined.:shocked: But hey I work too and at least I dont buy really expensive things like cars,jetskis,etc. like he does :smile: