my bf offered diamonds but i chose lv bag

  1. im so happy with my latest purchase, mc priscilla and damier azur wallet:yahoo: . my bf and I fought last night bout something he totally blew out of proportion due to alcohol, so when I woke up i decided that he should bring me to louis vuitton and buy me a bag to make ammends for what happened last night, thou he was very sorry about what happened,;) but the funny thing was earlier this morning when he just got out of the shower he was planning to tell me that he will buy me some diamonds so i wouldnt feel mad at him anymore but just as the minute he was going to say it i brought up the lv thing so we ended up in the lv boutique:drool: then i told him although he wants to buy me diamonds i will still insist with the lv bag because today i want to spend hes money on less valuable stuff like bags rather than diamonds because of what happened last night:yes: ,then when SA said ''i have really nice wallets that you can pair with your priscilla'' ,but i didnt like the mc wallets so i just got the damier azur wallet. anyway im really happy with the stuff i got today
  2. Congrats! But sorry to hear about the fight you had with the bf. He makes amends and showers you with diamonds though, a keeper!
  3. ahh at least he made up for it!!! congrats on your wallet! xx
  4. i thought the same thing. you are a very lucky girl. enjoy your new things:flowers:
  5. What a great way to kiss and make up!
  6. such a sweet bf! :tender: congratz on your new bag and wallet! :party: i love mc priscilla! its so cute! did u get the white or black? :love:
  7. Awww... congrats!!! :love:
  8. Congrats with your goodies, but please be careful with with a boyfriend's behaviour in a fight especially when he's induced by alcohol! I hope you are alright.

    Just make sure he never crosses the line with anything other than verbal fighting! And until then, enjoy the lovely presents!!
  9. thanks for the advice, thou im hundred percent sure hes not gonna do anything awful with me, i know him better than that, anyways thanks for the reply!!!!!!;)

  10. i got the white one , thou the mc wallets didnt appeal to me. thats why i got the damier azur, anyways im really happy with my first damier azur purchase im thinking of getting damier azur bag nextime. thanks for the reply!:p
  11. I don't know about your boyfriend, but I would be weary of him if he gets in moods whenever he drinks. Especially if he finds the need to buy your forgiveness. I just want you to be safe.
  12. :yes: :heart:
  13. Ohh just saw the Priscilla and it's cute. Which color did you get? And which azur wallet!? Azur in small accessories are so cute.
  14. Well you should let him know if he ever acts like that again you will be back in the LV store spending his money!!! Maybe that'll calm him down lol!!! Congrats it is a gorgeous bag!
  15. i got the white priscilla, and koala damier azur, thanks for the re4ply!!:heart: :heart: