My BF Made Me Buy It: Las Vegas Outlet Finds!

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  1. I was in Las Vegas for the 4th of July weekend, and of course, I had to stop by the outlets every single day. :biggrin:

    I had always looked at the Peyton reveals on here and picked her up at the outlet whenever I saw her, but I was never in love with her or even liked her. She was just too big for me! My boyfriend was not a fan either. So, when I picked up this one in the store just to try it on, he just about died and said I HAD TO BUY IT! :nuts:

    Here's Grey Patent Peyton!!!! :smile::cutesy:


    I LOVE her soooo much! The color is just SO perfect. The bag is large, but the color totally makes it, and I can figure out what to put inside later! The bag was pricey, but my bf said he'd give me $100 towards the cost, then I won $100 in the slot machines!!! :yahoo:

    Here are my other Las Vegas Outlet finds:


    ***Gold Bonnie Crossbody, Koi Charm, Peyton, and scarves!!***

    The Las Vegas Outlet was right down the street from where we stayed, and I picked up something new every time!
  2. Peyton looks great on you!!! And YAY for your enabling boyfriend, he's a keeper! :yes:
  3. Wonderful Peyton! I keep telling myself no haha...and the koi charm gosh I want it! Nice finds
  4. i love this color on the peyton ... and by the way.... it looks great on you:yahoo:
  5. Love it and all of your accessory finds too! Congrats on winning $100 to put towards the purchase of this beauty!
  6. Oh you lucky girl! Not only do you have the ONE Peyton that I would buy, but you have a BF who encouraged you to buy her! My DH is the opposite... "Really, how many bags do you need?" Enjoy her, you wear her well!
  7. Hahahaha, thank you!!! I LOVE the bag soooo much!!! The extra $100 was definitely a HUGE plus! :smile:
  8. LOVE the bag on you! w2g!!
  9. You found the Koi charm at the outlet????
  10. We all LOVE grey patent peyton...she looks great on you!
  11. What a great weekend for you. She looks great on you. And keep him! ;)
  12. I never had any luck at the slots so I stopped playing, but after this thread, I might try again;)
    Where did you stay? We are going in September and I cant wait!
  13. That is such a great color... The bag and color both look great on you :smile: Lucky you finding the koi charm!
  14. Your BF was right!

    How much is the koi @ outlets?

    Love all your stuff!
  15. Congrats on getting a Peyton!!! It's gorgeous, enjoy it!