My BF loves my bags!!

  1. Sorry if this is a little long, but I thought this was a really cute story to share.

    My BF's Mom is visiting the area here for a few days from the east coast. She's been here several times and she and I have spent time together briefly when she's been here before so I do know her but not super well (yet!). She is fantastic!

    Well, today BF and I took her on a long driving tour around the area so she and I really had a lot of time in the car to chit chat. Inevitably the conversation shifted to fashion, shopping, etc. She asked about my bag and said how much she admired it (my desert Kooba Sienna which is pretty much glued to me these days for casual outings!). And the Fendi sunnies...:supacool: . Turns out she used to work retail (handbags!) part time a few years ago so that's part of the reason she knows her stuff (and she is SO stylish).

    Later after my BF brought me back home he and I were talking and he wanted to know what she and I had been talking about. I told him we chatted about shopping and handbags. Then he started asking about my bags and while he knows I have a lot he never really knew the full extent of it. So I asked him if he wanted to 'meet' my collection and rather than running out the door or feigning falling asleep he was really excited about it!

    SO, I emptied the closet and paraded them all out for him! He got to meet all the Pradas, LVs, Juicys, BCBGs, Moschino, IFs, etc etc. And he thought they all were fabulous!! :girlsigh: :tender: . He's even talking about getting a messenger bag but wondering if they are too 'metro' :lol: . I think a Damier Bastille would look incredible on him! But he thinks Damier in itself is too feminine, oh well. (I disagree!)

    AND he still owes me a shopping trip after taking care of him after his minor surgery. He asked me what I don't have yet (answer: no Fendi, no Gucci, and no Chloe). SO the seed is planted!

    Anyway, it was a really cool way of bonding with his Mom AND with he and I further as a couple. :heart: :heart: :heart: . He's a keeper, ladies!! :wlae:
  2. That's so cute! And I also disagree, the Damier would look good on anyone. :yes:
  3. *lol* That's so cute!
    Glad you enjoyed the day w/ your BF + his mom.
  4. thank you for sharing that great story with us! i guess dream BF mothers can come true! he's a keeper!
  5. awww.. what a story :love:

    i guess thats a compatibility sign.. yes he's a keeper :smile:
  6. Thanks for sharing your cute story. He sounds like a keeper. Tell us what you get on your shopping trip he owes you.
  7. Such a cutie!!! Thanks for sharing.
  8. that is such a sweet story! your BF and my DH must be cut from the same cloth! My Dh just loves design. We joke that he's gay.
  9. Heck yes hes a keeper! Thats cute that he got excited about seeing your collection. My boyfriend doesnt get excited but he tells me how pretty my bags are, yesterday he was like "uh oh its the big green purse" LOL

    Your BF mom sounds really cool! You and her could be shopping buddies!
  10. yep a keeper
  11. Cute story - your BF is definetely a keeper.:smile: That's great that you have something in common with his mom as well. It's always nice to have something in common to break the ice and be able to talk about.
  12. Awww...that's precious! :love:
  13. Sounds like you're very lucky! :love: :heart: Great story, thanks for sharing. :yes:
  14. Hehe, my BF "slept" with my collection cause I was too busy going over the bags and he fell asleep waiting for me to clear the bed fully.
  15. My husband was cute like that about my bags before we tied the knot...21 bags later...Now not so cute