my bf LOVES my b-bags

  1. after i carried a few b-bags and telling him about the leather and all teh greatness about this bag, and i asked him to smell the leather, he was started to put interest :wlae:
    he said that he particularly loves my coffee flat bras classique, adn even tried it on by slinging to his back :roflmfao:
    i'm telling you, he fall deep with b-bags.
    he asked me if there's b-bags for men, and i said i think there;s only one called men besace i think? and he didn't like it.
    i know i might sound crazy but i really want to give him one, but i think most of the styles are still too feminime.
  2. o0o0o get him the messenger! Its hawt on guys! the new besace is too! and there is a mens weekender as well!
  3. My bf saw some kind of "duffle" bag style at Richard Kidd in Vancouver, but I don't know which one it is, but it for men and now he totally wants it!! I think it was pretty expensive though...($1600CAD?)
  4. wow, you're so lucky your BF loves your b-bags girl :tender: DH told me last night that he doesn't like my b-bags :wtf:

    p.s. the men's courier style would be great for a guy :yes:
  5. SEA- be sure he will use it before you buy!
  6. is men's weekender the same with ordinary weekender?
  7. ^^ Almost - the handles have a slightly longer drop to fit over the shoulder, and there's no mirror.
  8. so from your opinions, i narrow to these :
    weekender/men weekender?
    weekender.jpg besace.jpg messenger.jpg
  9. zac, if he won't use it, i will! :yahoo: ha ha ha
    that's why i'll show him the pics first before i do anything. he tend to look feminime, he's an artist and he likes to dress eclectic, sometimes he borrow my coat or cardigan.
    not to worry girls, he's still straight though :P
  10. You're so lucky! My DH doesn't like my bbags at all (or maybe it's just the tassels that he doesn't like) - but he LOVES my Chloe Edith's! Weird, huh?
  11. beaux, he also loves my chloe edith!!! i'm telling you, in the end of day he's going to use my bags :roflmfao: the one thing he didn't like is my lv! he think that it's too obvious and kinda snob.
    he use mine sometimes to bring his laptop, but of course he just tote it, not putting in the shoulder LOL
  12. lol... that's awesome, sea! I think weekender & messenger (men's day) are great choices. Also, he might like the courier (and it's also a lot cheaper than the weekender :P)
  13. sea- let us know what he decides!!! Maybe he'll join the PF too!!!
  14. HUA HUA HUA... not a chance! he's crazy about his liverpool forum! he won't betrayed those lads
  15. I LOVE the messenger styles on men.... I had my bf try on my s/s '04 gray messenger, there's just something about a messenger bbag on guys that is so attractive :graucho:

    Anyways, I think the most versatile unisex bag is the messenger, I wear mine and you can make it look gorgeously feminine - but at the same time, your guy can rock 'em too and they look hotttt! ;)