My BF is getting me a pearl necklace for my BD!!!

  1. :yahoo:I just turned 30 (:nuts:) this weekend and my BF wanted to give me a special jewelry. But because I told him not to get me anything if I haven't seen myself (I'm really picky when it comes to jewelry), we went shopping for it together.
    We only had like half an hour before the shops closed, so I didn't expect us to find anything that day. I was actually looking out for some pearl earrings, but then we saw this necklace in the shop window... We went in and I tried it on and it was PERFECT!!

    I was a bit hesitant about it, because I was afraid it would look 'old', but luckily it didn't as much...
    I have to wait to get it though, because they have to get it knodded (is that the right word for it?) and the gold closure I picked out on it.
    So I'm anxiously waiting for it...

    I'm so happy I'm getting this from my sweet BF because I know this is a simple, but timeless and elegant piece and getting it from him gives it special value :love:

    What do you girls think, is it a bit 'old' to wear for a young (lol) 30year old?!? (be honest;))
  2. I love pearls and lately I have been wanting a pearl necklace. I think they are so classy and can really add to an elegant or casual outfit. I think it works for all ages.
  3. Thanks, yes, that's what I think. I love it especially with some casual jeans and a nice blouse! But I guess it can also go with classier outfits..
  4. My friend wore a single tear drop pearl when she was 5-20yrs old. The pearl wore out and the seed started to show. If that didnt happen then she would still be wearing it!

    As for a string i never tried one on before but i've always admired them on TV.

    Congrads! post pics!
  5. I will! It might take some days before we can pick it up though. I hope it's ready on valentine's day...:heart:
  6. i thought it was so funny when i read you were getting a pearl necklace for your 30th bday. because for my 21st my bf got me a tahitian pearl bracelet as a suprise and he said he'll work on getting the matching necklace for my 30th lol.

    i think it's a great purchase, it won't make you look old, just add on to beauty :smile:

    happy bday!
  7. ^Thank you!:cutesy:
    Don't we have the sweetest BF's?
    Are you close to 30 yet? Or did you just turn 21? I think 30 is the best age to get this, it's like this age everyone struggles with,, like: ARrgghhh I'm getting OLD:wtf:! LOL!
    So this makes it easier, turning old gracefully...;):roflmfao:
  8. i love pearls. and i'm 24:smile: it won't make you look old at all! but of course, it depends on the style/design;) and what a sweet BF you have! you are sooo lucky! congrats! and dnt forget to post pics.
  9. Pealrs are beautiful and timeless, you can wear them day or night, casual or formal .... You will love having a pearl necklace,
    Don't forget to post pics
  10. You can never be too old or too young to wear pearls.
  11. Would you believe I received a pair of diamond studs from my dh and I asked to exchange it for a pearl necklace and earrings set? I was around or close to 30 at the time. I chose a 16" white pearl set, about 6.5mm can't recall and I wore it to work every day till the threading broke. I had it restrung with a nicer clasp.

    Pearls instantly brighten up your face!
  12. My gf's birthday is also coming up. She's too is also very picky when it comes to jewerly so I'm currently keeping my eyes open.
  13. ^I actually don't even know the exact details of these pearls. Maybe I should ask when we pick them up. Buy, it sure takes long! It's friday already, nearly a week so we're expecting that call anytime! *tap tap* :p
  14. I love my pearls! I am 35 but my husband bought them for me when I was in my 20's. I love wearing them with unexpected things like tee shirt and jeans. Actually yesterday I wore them with jeans, a pink tank top, and black cardigan- super cute.
  15. Lucky girl!