my bf is getting me a gift from LV, what should i choose?


which bag should i get?

  1. Sunset blvd

  2. Vernis pouchette wallet

  3. Neverfull GM

  4. Damier Speedy 30

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  1. so my bf said he is getting me something from LV for our 1 year anni, in sept.

    and i've been wanting the follwoing items but don't know what to choose, please help or any other suggestions, i want to choose something under 1kCAD w/tax (around 900us) because i don't want him to waste too much money, and we've only been togetehr for a year...

    1. Sunset blvd: can be used as a wallet and evening bag (i don't a bag that type) and its in vernis, i don't have a vernis bag either, only a ludlow wallet and i want a long wallet now

    2. Vernis Pochette Wallet: the good thing is that it is cheaper than the sunset and its a good functional wallet, but its only a wallet and thats all i can use it for.

    3. neverfull GM: i was actually hoping that i could wait for the damier one cause its lower maintnace, no vachetta to worry about, but i like the style of this bag, i already have a antugua gm tote for shcool also

    4. Damier speedy 30: i have the cerises speedy 25 and sometimes its a bit small and i'm scared to get it dirty and stuff so i thought the damier would be worry free and the price is very good, but do i really NEED this bag? i have a lot of handheld bags already, and will i have no use for my 25 after is get a worry free speedy 30?

    any suggestions please?
  2. can I suggest u something else? how bout vernis in roxbury drive? you can use it as formal evening bag too with more capacity. it's US$915. I like the sunset blvd style, but i don't think I'm willing to spend $750 for a small pochette like that. hehe well. it's just my opinion..

    For your options, I vote for neverfull GM.
    Good luck and Happy early Anniversary for you :smile:
  3. i picked damier speedy. and i was wondering if you could get that and the pochette wallet too. it might be over 1000 though.
  4. Get the sunset. That way you will be able to carry it when you go out for dinner, etc. together. Happy anniversary! So cute. My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. I got the neo cabby and lv sunglasses from him.
  5. i would go with speedy or neverfull.
  6. I personally have grown a liking to the Damier Speedy 30. Why not get the Speedy 30 ($752.10) with taxes - and get some small accesories with the remainder?
  7. although I love the damier speedy, I picked the sunset. Its small cute, totally elegant looking. If its your first bag then the damier might be a better choice though.
  8. I love my is a great bag and no matter how much I put in it is truely neverfull...
  9. i am dying for a speedy myself... so i say damier speedy! =D
  10. what are you leaning towards?
  11. What a great bf! mine says expensive bags are ridiculous :nogood: I would either go with the neverfull or speedy. I myself have my eye on the neverfull and am getting it soon!
  12. i vote sunset :smile:. u can carry the purse 1st time on the anniversary, and the balance money not spent on bag can be spent on anniversary dinner ;).
  13. I say the Neverfull or Speedy because they're more practical and you'll probably use it more often opposed to the sunset, which will probably be used for more formal/elegant events.
  14. Maybe I'm projecting my wish list to you...LVoe the amarante!!!
  15. I chose the Sunset because the vernis is so special. It will be a wonderful reminder of your first anniversary!