my bf is buying me a chanel bag for my bday!

  1. but there's a catch... i have to lose the 15lbs i've gained the past few months. eurgh!!! i was fine until i totally broke down and drove to a fast food joint. i have midterms next week and i am extremely stressed out. nothing like fries that hit the spot.. until i've realized that i've consumed WAY too many calories. :crybaby:i need words of encouragement. i can almost see myself fondling my beautiful new reissue. lol. 15 lbs. 7 weeks. i feel like crying. :sad:
  2. hi sara, i'm trying to assume that ur bf asked u to do that for health reason :smile:

    maybe u can try to snack something more healthy like fruits? or maybe having ur potatoes baked? i can't resist fries too honestly LOL but i love potatoes whether it's baked or fried.
  3. One batch of fries probably won't make a difference unless you're eating them everyday. I lost 15 lbs (although it wasn't in a few weeks) just by cutting out sodas and juices.. they're all sugars anyways. Good luck! And j/w... umm what is your bf going to do if you don't lose 15 lbs? NOT get you the Chanel?
  4. Im pretty sure u can make it 7 weeks just quit the fast food, eat healthy salads, chicken roasted or less greasy type, fruits as snacks not chips and drink alot of water; water its the basis for a gud result .. if u 2 stress just eat healthy rem that. im tellin u this cuz im trying 2 loose too but im not gettin any reward lol so u be more encouraged to do GUD LUCK!! :tup: Jus juice up ur 7 weeks or u can start after ur tests ;)...

    P.S ACcordin to nutrition facts the healthiest number of pounds lost in a week its 2.2 pounds even like this u have time.. but honestly sumxs it rushes up to more sum weeks.. dont worry!! :okay:
  5. cheer up! you can do it!! 7 weeks is a lot of time. cut down on sodas, and fries and junk food. you're so lucky to have a bf like that. im assuming he's requesting that for your own benefit, plus you'll have a chanel bag as your goal! i can not think of any better dieting goal than that! my bf would NEVER give me a chanel no matter what happens!
  6. once you start changing your eating habits, you'll discover new foods that you'll find taste even better... and you won't be able to go back to those unhealthful foods... at least thats how it is for me! good luck...

    and if it ever gets difficult, just think about the beautiful purse you are going to get and how lovely it'll look on your toned body :smile:
  7. You can do it! I agree with the other girls, cut out the soda and fast food and add some cardio activity to your day for 30 minutes. You'll hit your goal and more in no time :tup:
  8. lol~ I'd totally cut out the CC logo and put them on the fridge, dashboard of your car, ipod, water bottle..... something everyday, in your face, can possibly help?

    Just think- by the time you lose the weight, you'll be so used to living that life style- it'll be second nature! Plus you'll be totally fab with your reissue!!!!!! NICE!
  9. You can do go girl!!!!
    I agree with Alaska.^^ Use Chanel as your motivation!!!! We're here for you supporting you all the way!!!!
    7 weeks is a nice time frame to lose that weight and in the end, not only will you have a gorgeous bag, you'll also look and feel better!!!!
  10. i hope your boyfriend told you to lose weight for health reasons. if so, tell him that it's important to get healthy together. go for walks/ jogs together and eat healthy together... it's always easier if you have someone else to do it with! and 15 pounds in 7 weeks isnt impossible, but focus on being healthy and not so much on the lbs...
    on the other hand, if he didnt tell you to lose weight for health reasons, throw the bag of fries in his face and go buy yourself a chanel.
  11. I know, mine wouldn't either! Just be sure to do it the healthy way. A crash diet will just make the pounds come back. Make sure you really need to lose the weight too. I'd try to lose 50 lbs if it got me a Chanel...but it wouldn't be healthy for me. Good luck, eat right, excercise and enjoy your upcoming bday!
  12. Wow, what a great bf! I wish mine would offer that deal to me too haha.
    Good luck with your weight loss! I'm sure you can do it...we'll all be here supporting you!
  13. If my DH told me I had to lose 15lbs before he'd buy me a bag, first I'd
    :lecture:, then I'd [​IMG], and finally I'd [​IMG].

    Having said that, have faith I'm sure you can do it. Like some have pointed out already, drink lots of water, and stay away from sugar and starches.
  14. Smoothoprter: your post made me laugh out loud at work. how about some of :censor::cursing: until he :cry:? hehehe
  15. Hmm, yes you can lose the weight by drinking water (I love Aquafina) and substituting junk food for healthier choices. We all need to be smart food consumers/food shoppers. Reading labels, looking at fat per what serving -- what's the serving they cite? Next compare sodium (salt) content of different labels of same products; what about poly-sats, carbs? It's not for a Chanel purse but for the long term health outlook and weight factors into that picture.

    If you can't live without a certain food, cut the portion in half and the next time decrease the portion to 1/4 -- think of weening. Stressed -- put on some music and get up and dance, dance, dance for 10, 15 minutes and then drink water afterwards. THEN be smarter about what you're feeding your face. Do not snack or eat dinner late -- you need to be burning them off and not going to bed when the metabolism is the slowest.

    Change comes from the individual. Bugger the Chanel carrot, if you will. You don't need a man to buy you jack. Make the wise choice for YOU because that's what truly matters. You can do anything you decide -- just decide for the good and not the fastest, easiest. Did you know chicken nuggets are the leftover waste like skeleton and ground up organs pressed through a sieve!! If it looks like a mystery, it sure the heck is so think twice before running to a fast food joint.