My BF bought a really pretty (expensive) bag, but it turns out to be fake! :(

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  1. Hey guys,

    I really need your help/advice.

    My sweet boyfriend was in New York City two weeks ago and wanted to buy a birthday present for me. He found a beautiful store somewhere on Broadway (I don't know where exactly, but he told me it was in a very nice area). The store looked great, SA's in suits, beautiful presentation, nice bags, et cetera.

    He bought quite an expensive bag (i think it was more dan 500 dollars) for me from the brand 'Tolblanc'. When he wanted to pay, the SA showed him a matching wallet and he decided to buy that too.

    My BF is not a fashionista or something, but he's got a little fashion expertise, and he was certain it was a good store even though he didn't know the brand (Tolblanc Paris).

    Ok, so he bought the bag and the wallet (beautifully packed, travelcase, etc). When he came home (we live in The Netherlands) he wanted to Google the brand because he knew for sure I would do that (I'm a digitaljunkie, haha ;)).

    But then he found out the brand Tolblanc was NOWHERE to be found, except on shady fake websites and Japanese eBay sellers. He thinks the whole store was a fraud; good location, good salesmen, but fake an bad quality bags.

    He even found out that the wallet, even though it was the exact same style as the bag, was from a whole different brand (something unknown from Italy). It's not real leather and the lining is very badly, bad stitching, et cetere.

    Of course he can't return the bag anymore, because we live in The Netherlands. The store can't be found on Google.

    Now we don't need advice about returning, but I really really would like to know if someone else has ever had this expierence too, or even know the brand Tolblanc Paris. I feel so sorry for my boyfriend because he spent like hundreds of dollars for something that it's worth a lot.

    Thanks so much for reading my depressing story :smile:

    Love from Holland,
  2. I'm just wondering, you said that:

    He did not check the product while he was in the store?? That could have saved him a lot of trouble...
  3. He should contact the CC company and see if they can reverse the CC charge. I am sure, he did not pay in cash for an amount that large.
  4. There was another woman on this forum a couple of years whose boyfriend bought her a fake purse and claimed he paid a lot of cash for it. I think it turned out he bought a fake to save money and thought she wouldn't find out. I hope that didn't happen to you, but if he did pay with a credit card, report it and get the money back.
  5. None of this makes sense to me.

    I assume your boyfriend paid cash, since he obviously doesn't have a receipt showing the store name and address information. But wait, even though he may have paid cash, why wouldn't he have a receipt with store info on it?

    I find all sorts of references to Tolblanc Paris on the web - mostly people selling what they have, but is this a bad thing? Why does the fact that your boyfriend found nothing online mean the items are fake?

    WHY did he buy a wallet that's not real leather and badly made?

    Sigh. Have your boyfriend tell you the story again, and go slowly. :cool:
  6. Hi Monique,

    If Tolblanc is a real brand then I don't think the purse is "fake". Maybe your boyfriend thought it was more mainstream or higher-end but you say it's "really pretty" so is it possible that you're not happy with it just because it's not a well-known brand?
  7. That's my thought...
  8. Sorry, when I read my story again it's a little complicated and contradictory, I'm sorry.

    I don't know if he paid by cash of creditcard, I'll ask him later.

    I'm really happy with the bag, the brand doesn't matter to me at all :smile: But: he paid a lot of money for it because he thought 'it's a nice store, it all seems like an expensive brand, so it must be good quality'. Like I said, he's not a real fashionista or something.. :smile: But it turns out that Tolblanc is an unknown brand and the quality is not good (he didn't see that, because he's not really an expert).

    So, he paid a lot of money for a bag that isn't worth much. That's the whole clue... I just wondered if someone ever had this experience with "Tolblanc" before.

    Thanks :smile:)
  9. * I asked my BF about the receipt; he throwed it away when he left New York, because he knew he wouldn't and couldn't return it anymore if he was back in Holland.

  10. If you ARE happy with the bag then that is all that matters. Your BF did a wonderful thing by surprising you with an expensive bag. Don't make him feel bad. If you want him to buy the brand you want, then maybe let him know for the future. Men are not very good at reading minds.

    There are a lot of brands that sell very expensive bags that are not that great in quality. I don't think you should equate high price = high quality = good leather. :smile:
  11. Thanks for your response. But I have the feeling you don't understand me; I AM happy with the bag and I'm really happy that he did so much effort in buying a present for me. I'm not making him feel bad; he feels bad himself because he spent a lot of money on something that isn't worth that amount of money, and he feels like he has been frauded.
  12. It's not actually a fake anything so I think you can relax :biggrin:

    I would just be happy that my BF thought of me when overseas and brought back a thoughtful gift. I wouldn't have asked him how much it cost or researched the heritage of the brand, if I liked it, I would have just said thank you and let him see me use it on occasion. You found out you have a lovely BF and a new pretty bag, you are a lucky gal ;)

    The only time my BF bought me a bag (for Valentine's) it was far from anything I would buy myself. I never returned the bag, it's very special just because it was his choice for me (and such a rare occurrence LOL).
  13. I think as others have said, find out if paid by credit card. If it was supposed to be leather, but isn't, you have a good reason to do a credit card charge back. I'm sorry this happened to you and him when he tried to do something so nice for you.
  14. It would really be better, that men (and relatives) would just give just cash when ever they feel like giving something nice to women. Why is it so hard?

    That is the reason I usually sell all my gifts at fleamarket.

    This is truly a sad story OP, but remember he never learns if you use that bag;)
  15. Aww I don't agree with that! Cash is so impersonal with no effort involved, almost like being paid off :P I think it's so nice that OP's bf went to the trouble of going in a store and picking something he thought she'd love to bring home from his trip. That's sweetness you can't put a price tag on :cool: