my bf and my mj bag

  1. i have a cute story to share with you guys:

    last night my bf and i were laying in bed together. i was looking at some bags on and he asked me where my "gooch" bag was. i thought he meant gucci and i told him that i didn't own any gucci bags. he looked confused and told me that it was a mj bag and that it looked like a balloon.

    at this point i was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks. first of all, i don't a bag that could remotely resemble a balloon and secondly, he kept calling it a "gooch" or "pooch" adding to my hysterics. i started naming all the mj bags i owned. when i finally said, "stam," he screamed, "that's it!"

    i told him that it looked nothing like a balloon and the last time i checked, stam sounded nothing like "gooch." he then proceeded to describe another one of my bags asking me what the "bag that looks like a big old lady purse with the clasp and big chain" was called. i told him that that was my stam aka balloon gooch bag.

    as you can see he is very confused, but it was a funny exchange. boys do pay attention to what we're wearing, but it just gets scrambled in their heads between sportscenter statistics and what they want for breakfast/lunch/dinner that day. :p
  2. haha aww that's adorable!
  3. Boys are funny. My bf cannot understand why I'm obsessing about that bag with the coked out girl on it. The Marc by MJ "Katie" tote :confused1:
  4. Aw... sounds like your stam has a new name! boys are so silly.... I don't listen to mine very much either.
  5. LOL, sooo cute! I love it, maybe I'll start referring to my stam as the big old lady coinpurse thing like my FI does!
  6. That is so funny! It totally reminded me of a conversation I would have with my husband - lol!

    Thanks for sharing. :biggrin:
  7. Lol. That's hilarious. My hubbie never even bother trying to guess the name of my handbags. He knows he won't get it right :p
  8. i talk to my bf so much about mj bags that he knows all the names now: stam, blake, venetia, stella, etc. i figures it comes in handy if he were to stop by somewhere, see a great deal and be able to tell me, "I saw a Cocoa Blake on sale!"