My BF and I got into an argument over croc Birkin...

  1. He states that he saw the bag in white. I know for sure I've never seen one in white. Not even sure if Hermes makes them in white..... What do we ladies think? Anyone has any info?:confused1:
  2. First of all, lets talk about the most important thing.
    I am sure I speak for the entire PF, when I say we love your boyfriend.

    You should kiss him right now. :love:

    I dont know about exotics, but I just wanted to tell you that!!!!
  3. I totally agree with CobaltBlu... you love and kiss the man who is willing to talk or agrue over H facts with you...

    I don't know anything about exotics either, but in this case, I'll side with the BF...haha
  4. LOL!!! I opened this thread thinking it was going to be about another boyfriend complaining about the prices and instead it is an argument about a color. I don't know if they ever made white croc but I agree with CB, give your boyfriend a kiss for even discussing this with you.
  5. BTW, did he see it in the store, or was it an action sighting?

    You know, my DH calls everything from lavendar to burgundy including fuscia and plum, PURPLE. These are the colors he knows: purple, green, yellow, blue, black, red, white, brown, orange.
  6. Awww, what a sweet BF!
  7. just fyi, my friend spotted a white croc birkin and apparently she got it from her sister who works for hermes in paris.
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. It does sound like Paris is making a whitish-looking croc skin. Heard the mothership will be receiving them soon. I have no idea what exactly is the name of this colour. Anyone know?
  10. LOL. Is your DH related to my SO by any chance?
  11. LOL, I think they're ALL related!!
  12. ^ My DH must be related to yours too. :roflmfao:

    birkin101, seems like your bf is right!
  13. This thread is soooooooo cute. :blush:
  14. Dear Ms. Birkin101:

    Forget the color issue, is the BF going to get that 'white' croc bag for you?!

    Let him win and just ask him nicely to get out his CC.... :graucho:
  15. Your Dh is very lovely! I hope this pic will help you.
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