My Betty Bag & Chloe Paddington Purse

  1. I have been trying for ages to get pics on here, these are pretty rubbish pics but there the best that i could get on. For some reason all the pics are different sizes. These were the only ones that would fit. I will try get some better pics.
    Picture 048.JPG Bettybag.JPG
  2. I love your Betty!!! I think this is the cutest bag. I want one in chocolate brown.
  3. Pretty Betty, and that paddington wallet is too cute!! How are you liking Betty?
  4. Yeah its great,i really have fallen in love with it to be honest, at first i was thinking should i take it back but im glad i didnt now. i saw the chocolate brown yesterday in selfridges i was really tempted to get it but it was the medium, and i already have this one in the medium, so it would seem silly getting it really.
    It does look lovely in the brown though, you should get it, and then take some pics to show us :smile:
  5. Love your Betty! And the choc wallet is so cute with the little padlock and key!
  6. oooo i like them both! enjoy!
  7. Thanks guys :smile: I will enjoy them.
    I need help though im unstoppable, like many others on this forum. I cant stop buying chloe bags.
  8. Same here, serialshopper.....I can't stop buying bags in general!! I'm trying to be good until my birthday, but I want a Betty and I want it now!!!!!
  9. Get one! Get one! NOW! I loooooooooooooove my betty.
    Congrats serialshopper, it's lovely!
  10. The lock on your choc wallet is so cute!!
  11. Very nice Betty, and I want that wallet:biggrin:
  12. Very nice! What size is your Betty? It looks like the large. How does it fit on you? All these Betties!!! I just can't take it!!!
  13. Nice betty! And I love that paddington wallet - its soooo cute with the mini padlock...
  14. Hi BalenciagaLove, no my Betty isnt the large, that would be too big for me, mine is the medium. I dont wear it over the shoulder, i guess you'd probably have to be a size 0 to fit it on the shoulder, who knows lol. I just carry it on my arm (not shoulder), like you do with the Fendi spy, even though the spy can fit on the shoulder. If you know what i mean :smile: