My Betty Arrived (pics)

  1. My first Betty arrived w/loose threads from Nordstrom and I was so heartbroken!:crybaby:Jaime, superstar SA from Nordstrom's Bellvue helped find me another one in perfect condition which I never thought would happen since it was on sale!:yahoo: So w/o further adue (sp?), here she is...
    Chloe Betty0001.jpg Chloe Betty0002.jpg Chloe Betty0006.jpg Chloe Betty0007.jpg
  2. Love your Betty - congrats on a great bag!
  3. love it! congrat. Is it heavy with the chains? I am thinking to get one too..
  4. Congratulations. You're gonna love wearing her.
  5. I'm not finding it so heavy in comparison to the Paddy...She is 2 lbs, 10oz w/o having anything in it.
  6. What a beauty--congrats!!
  7. She is a beauty. Just cant keep my eyes off these Betty's with the chain. Its so sexy and stylish. Thank you for sharing. I have the medium black betty but i still want this one,lol!
  8. I adore the chain betty!! Any chance of a modelling pic?;)
  9. I so need to get another shot, but here's one...[​IMG]
    Chloe Betty0008.jpg
  10. Thank you,it looks great on you!!
  11. Love it! Looks great on you! Congrats.
  12. congrats!! :biggrin:
  13. you look great together! congrats!
  14. oooh that it such a great bag. Congratulations, you got a great find there :smile:
  15. That is such a great bag. I love it.