My Best Vacation and LV Surprise


Sep 19, 2006
OK, this is a very long story, please feel free to skip the story and take a look at the pics below.

I just got off the plane a few hours ago, tired but I need to post my LV story and to share pics of my new bag with my TPF family. My family and I went on a vacation and we visited my SA in Calgary. I have 2 SAs, Jane from Calgary and Sue from Banff. I have bought a few bags from Sue in Banff over the phone but I have never met her.

6 days ago - visited Jane in Calgary and asked about the Watercolor Papillion. I fell in love with the WC line just recently and the Speedy 35 is just way too big on me. I saw the WC Papillion on someone a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it. So, I asked Jane about this bag and she told me it was sold out.

2 days ago - went to the Banff's store for the very first time. Sue was not there but I have spoken to her and agreed that we will meet on Sunday. I looked around and another very friendly SA approached me. I asked her about the bag and she told me it was sold out. She then told me that the store has one on hold for someone and asked me if I would like to see and hold it. I said yes. I held the bag and OMG, I almost died. I told DH that this is LE and so on. DH was like "this bag is so expensive and you don't need another LV". The SA then asked if I am interested, she said she can call her manager and ask if they are still holding this bag for that person. I said "sure, just let me know tomorrow as I will be back to see Sue" I love that bag but I knew there is no way I was getting it.

Yesterday around noon - went to see Sue and pick-up an item for my friend. The SA from the night before came and told me that the WC Papillion is NOW available and gave that bag to Sue so that Sue can serve me. My DH then reminded me that I have bought too many LVs this year and that enough is enough. I totally understood and informed Sue politely that I will think about that bag. Sue then said she will hold it for me for the rest of the day just in case I change my mind. I was telling myself "no way that I am going to get that bag"

Yesterday evening - we were about to have dinner and I told DH to go and get a table at the restaurant, which just happens to be on the second level of the Cascade Plaza, right above LV. I told DH I needed to go to a clothing store (which is beside LV) to check out a few items and I will meet him at the restaurant in 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, DH sneaked into LV and paid for the bag. He then gave Sue some instructions.

After dinner - DH said we should go back to see Sue as he would like to take a look at his dream LV briefcase. I was like "no way, we have seen enough this morning and I will feel embarrassed to bother Sue again after we took up an hour of her time this morning" but DH insisted that we check out that briefcase again. I was tired and didn't want to go. Anyway, we walked in and I informed Sue that I am not back for the Papillion but my DH needs to see that briefcase AGAIN. She said "on problem" she took out the briefcase for my DH. I walked to another side of the store to look at some bags, a few seconds later, I turned around and Sue was right in front of me holding a hug shopping bag and said "I knew you would come back for the Papillion" It took me a few seconds to figure out what just happened!!!!! OMG, that moment was the highlight of my vacation. I still can't believe it!!

Thanks for reading my story....I'm all over the moon.


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Jul 5, 2008
The Rainy City
What a fun story! congrats on the bag. I loved the WC line to, but the 35 speedy was huge. I had never been a huge fan of the Pap, but loved it in this style (so I bought one as well!) You wear it very well


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Mar 22, 2006
Nice bag :tup:. Wear it in good health. I can relate to the sweetness of your DH as I have a great DH also :heart::heart::heart: