My BEST reveal ever!!

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  1. This is a bit late do to my internet connection falling out and I have been offline for a week waiting for it to be repaired...
    But here I am and ***drumroll***this is in my opinion the best reveal I'm ever going to have

    The box with 2 new LV goodies I treated myself with..
    In the envelope there was a very cool LV card with a trunk picture, the card said congratulations with my new non-LV baby!!

    And here he is, my baby Victor, 4 days old on the picture:
    definately my best reveal *LOL* (maybe not as exciting for the rest of you)

    And here are the maternity gift "to me from me"

    taddaaaaaaaaah... I guess most of you know what it is by now, so I won't drag it out


    I just LVoe this stole!! Colors are much brighter IRL

    And a little something something to match my scarf and my vernis stuff..

    Rose Pop Inclusion PM
  2. Congrats!!!!
  3. Stunning! Congratulations!
  4. woo-hoo very nice..congrats!
  5. Love the leopard scarf!! Congrats on your new baby too!! adorable
  6. Your baby is SOOOOOO adorable!!!!
    Congrats on the scarf and bangle,
    I am so much loving the new colors!

    I think I will go do some shopping tomorrow lol
  7. what an adorable pic of ur baby! congrats!!

    and congrats on the new stuff too=)
  8. aw your baby is adorable. congrats on both babies! :biggrin:
  9. Congrats on little Victor - that is a truly beautiful picture of him! Love the Stole!!
  10. beautiful...
    Victor is so precious!
  11. congrats first of all on your beautiful baby! second love your gifts to yourself ! they are beautiful too!
  12. I love it!
    And Victor is adorable!!!
  13. Your LV goodies are great, but your baby is absolutely adorable!
  14. congrats on your beautiful baby boy!!!! and love the stole and rose pop inclusion pm!
  15. beautiful!!!!!!!!