My best LV boutique experience ever!

  1. Today I went downtown since I wanted to see the sale at Holt Renfrew ... unfortunately there was nothing that caught my eye. So I wandered over to the LV counter and decided to buy the orange and white Jack and Lucie keychain (it was the last one in the store). My SA was so polite as I asked what bag would look the best with the keychain, he showed me various styles and we tried the keychain on each one.

    I just wanted to say that he was so helpful and sincere that I bought a bag and the keychain. Of course, I chose the iconic mono speedy 25 since it was so classic and looked the best with the keychain. The SA put my speedy and the keychain in separate boxes (without me asking for a box) and asked if I wanted a catalogue. Now, putting the items in a box is a big deal for me since most of the SAs usually try to put it in an envelope and I have to ask for the box (that happened with my wallet and my groom bandeau). Plus the catalogue he gave me was the big thick blue one with all the model numbers of the styles ... I always get the small catalogues. Right now I am so ecstatic about the service I received ... this is definitely something you miss when you purchase online!:yahoo:

    I haven't taken pics yet of my new babies ... I just wanted to share my wonderful experience today!
  2. i'm so happy for your.. you got bag,keychain and polite services from your SA.. dun forget to show some pics ok
  3. Congra'ts on both, I got that same book when i purchased my mini lin speedy :smile:
  4. Lucky you. I always prefer the counter at Holt over the Boutique on Bloor. Its more intimate.
  5. Congratulations! The Holt's sale this year has been really disappointing for me too. I'm still deciding which Jack and Lucie colour I want, I guess I should hurry up - did they still have the brown?
  6. that's fanstatic! nothing like a good SA. soo happy for you and your new things. everyone needs a speedy and the jack and lucie is soooo cute! can't wait to see pics.

    so funny this thread came after mine lamenting my boutique experience!
  7. Congrats! There is nothing like a good SA to make all the difference!
  8. YAY! a person who had a swell time in their LV botique!!
  9. That's terrific!! It's such a wonderful feeling to have a great SA to help you! Congratulations on your buys!!
  10. Hehe- when I bought my groom cles back in November, the catalogue wouldn't fit in the tiny bag so my SA had to get a bigger one just so it'd fit:roflmfao:
  11. Sounds like fun...which Holt was it?
  12. so happy to hear much had a very nice day!!!!!!

    oh....remember to show us photos
  13. Happy you had a great experience. Congrats!
  14. Congrats! So glad you had a positive experience!
  15. good to hear that.
    i always wonder why buying from local stores instead of online.