My best friend...

  1. My best friend is the sweetest ever! Over the past weekend, she got me the perforated compact green wallet. It was completely unexpected. She was already in debt, but still wanted to get me something just because...

    She is such a wonderful best friend. I love her... and I'm excited because it's my first LV product yet...:lol:
  2. wow! what a great friend! lucky you!
  3. Ah that's super nice of your friend, and I love the wallet !
  4. Tell her I'm in the market for a new best friend!:biggrin:
  5. That's really sweet of her! LOVES HER!:love:
  6. What a nice friend. I bet you feel all :love:. hehe
  7. That's wonderful!!!
  8. That's so sweet of your friend to do :love:, you're a good friend to worry about her spending over her budget. If it bothers you, how about insisting on paying half of the gift if you can, that way you'll both be content.
  9. What a nice friend. Lucky you.
  10. your best friend is great!!! i hope you enjoy using your new LV! weeee heeeeeee!!!
  11. aww what a sweet friend you have.
  12. That's nice of her...but I'd worry about her being in debt and spending that much on a gift...I'd be like please spend this money on your bills instead! However, if you're keeping it, enjoy it, because that's what she wanted you to do!
  13. That's nice, but going more into debt isn't very admirable nor smart. You should encourage her and help her plan her finances. That's what friends do, right?
  14. thanks guys! she is aware that she is in debt, but she insists that she knows what she is doing and i don't think she would accept if i offered to pay for half. but, of course, if anything happens, she knows that i am more than willing to help her out.