My best friend is turning 21! What to get her?!

  1. Hi! My friend Amanda is turning 21 in a week! I need some suggestions on bags...

    I don't have a price range on her, considering she is my best friend, but would prefer to spend roughly around $1000. :wtf: Yes, I'll go broke. :yucky:
  2. You're a very nice friend. Does she have any preferences for a specific type of bag (shoulder or handheld?) or specific brand?
  3. Wow, you really are a best friend!! What kind of bags does she have in her collection and what has she been looking at in the stores?
  4. wow! u're very generous!
    i think it all depends on her style, how does she dressed everyday?
    is she casual, or sporty, or feminime?
    if she's active, don't get her a handheld bag.
  5. You are such a generous friend! What are her favorite brands and types of bags?
  6. how about an LV mini lin speedy????
  7. Wow, how generous...

    hard to say without more about a cute clubing bag, now that she is 21?
  8. MJ stam is rocking! also balenciaga first or city.
  9. if not a bag how about an LV Cles in vernis or a Wapity or a pochette... something small but not HUGE!!!
    good luck on what you decide to get... you're a GREAT friend btw.
  10. You are buying your friend a bag for $1000????? I need a friend like you!