My best friend is here tonight...............

  1. My best friend:yahoo: really second Mom has arrived at the airport and is on her way here.......Hubby and the kids went to pick her up while I am still cleaning......
    I am so excited, she is a second Mom to me. I haven't seen her since last August......:crybaby:
    Tonight we are going to celebrate my birthday and will probably go to Baskins Robbins to sit and eat ice cream with the kids......:supacool:
    Tomorrow we are going to a town garage sale in a cute town here by the bay, we have hit it for the past few years together. I want to try to get sis and sister in law and possibly all go for pedicures/manicures:idea: (if they could join us). I also want to go to the paint your own pottery place and do something fun, I have been there before and they have some neat things. Of course we will finish painting my daughter's room and do my son's room also. She is helping me with the decorating. We will try to motivate ourselves to tear down the UGLY wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom and paint so we have lots of projects. Hope to get her in the pool this year:wlae: ..last year she wouldn't go in due to her being sick but she promised the kids she will and with the heat she should. I just am so excited........We talk everyday so it is like we just pick up where we left off. She really is a NaNa to the kids and loves them more than words can say. Oh, I can't remember when I will have so much fun. She is also staying for 17 days not her normal 10 so it will be great. Just wanted to share my excitement. She means more to me than words can say, I love her so much, she has breast cancer stage3 (or more) and is one tough cookie and nothing gets her down.......:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
    Hugs to all.
  2. Awww she sounds so wonderful and courageous !! Have a great time. :heart:
  3. Yea for you!! It is wonderful that you can spend this time with her, she sounds like a very special lady. Happy Birthday and have a fun weekend!!!
  4. Wow...I hope she enjoys herself.
  5. Great! Have fun!
  6. What a wonderful vacation for you!! Enjoy!
  7. :wlae: Hi darlin - you rock. Enjoy all the time you have together. My friend has stage 4 stomach cancer that has spread to her bones and she is one tough cookie, too! Have fun, BTW I really miss Florida. Gonna see Orlando in December, though! All love to you!:heart: :wlae:
  8. times ahead :flowers: Have a great 17 days!!
  9. I hope you all have a great time!!!
  10. Hope you have 17 days of fun - ENJOY!!:flowers: