My best friend is coming to visit.

  1. My best friend who is really my second Mom is coming to visit me next week......I can't wait. I hope her plane is on time. We have lots of fun things planned. I am taking her to get her hair done, then I want to take her and my daughter for a manicure/pedicure. We will have girls shopping night with my sister and SIL. Best of all we will be cleaning out the basement. Hubby the pack rat said we can have a garage sale and I can throw out anything I don't want. (Let's see if he sticks to his words). So we are going to start cleaning it out. We already ordered new carpet and a painter will paint, so it will actually be a basement that one can live in. I want a play area for the kids and a TV area for everyone and a sewing craft area for me. I can't wait. Finally feel like some progress will be made in this house.
  2. That's great! How long is she staying?
  3. That's great! I hope you have a fantastic time!
  4. Fun! Nothing better than hanging out with the girls and home improvement projects...I love throwing things out(donating actually) and fixing up my place :smile: Have FUN!
  5. I love girls day/night out!