my best friend for 14 yrs now ;)

  1. here she is my cutie , called Bianca.
    SP_A0059.jpg SP_A0097.jpg SP_A0124.jpg
  2. What a pretty girl!!! She looks like she has a lot of personality :smile:
  3. I love the open mouth. It's like she's saying hi!

    Well hiiii Bianca!! You cutie!
  4. She's so cute :smile:
  5. thanks a lot guys for your comments.

    she definitely has a lot of personality - she's like a little diva -everything has to be done like she wants it to be. and i love when she "talks" back. i can't really tell in words what a cutie she is but I guess every one who has a cat knows how sweet and caring they can be :smile: ... purring when you are sad and so on.

    by the way i called her Bianca (which is Italian and means "white") because of her four white paws.
    SP_A0107.jpg SP_A0553.jpg SP_A0593.jpg
  6. Bianca is lovely--such beautiful markings! I really love black cats and her white patches add personality. Thanks for letting us see her!
  7. Shes gorgeous :smile:
  8. She is gorgeous! What a great best friend to have! Here's to 14 more years:drinkup: .
  9. thanks everyone!
  10. She sure looks adorable! My fav pic is the second one with her mouth open. :heart:
  11. Very cute!
  12. thanks :smile:
    I love that with the mouth open too.
    unfortunately I can't upload videos here. I have such cute ones of her.
  13. Bianca is beautiful! I love the second picture where she has her mouth open!
  14. :smile:
  15. so cute, I just love cats.