My best Christmas Birkin

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  2. OMG she made it herself, how adorable!! Even the packaging! Love that!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Looks a bit like Troika? It's definitely one-of-a-kind. You are one lucky lady. Congrats on your new H bag, and for having such an artistic daughter...
  4. I love it, asa - that's gotta be the best Birky a mom can ever get! :heart:

    Plus I think that girl's got talent! Watch out, JPG!
  5. Oh gosh this is the cutest thing, ever.
  6. AWWWWWWW... soo cute!!
  7. Look at the bling on that one! AND it looks like it can be shoulder carried. Wise girl, you have.

    Your girl's so sweet, asa. And smart too!
  8. ASA LOL the description of you!:roflmfao: I think I would have died if I saw that! I can't believe your DD made that so talented!
  9. how sweet! that is the best birkin ever!!
  10. WOW - that is indeed the best birkin ever - it's a birkin made of LOVE!
  11. So sweet!!!:tender:
  12. So Cute!
  13. Too cute!
  14. Adoration! I love it haha, too cute.
  15. Waoooo... Wat a great kid. She sure knows her mum.. haa..