My Berry Inclusion cell phone charm

  1. I can't believe how fast this seller was. I bought this on Ebay 4 days ago from a seller in germany. It arrived today :love:

  2. I love that! I'm looking for something to hang on my dami 30. Looks great!
  3. actually I just rechecked, only 3 days! auction ended on Oct 16.
  4. Oh! I saw that auction!
    Congrats, it looks great!
  5. So cute...I love it!
  6. It matches your phone perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That's too cute, that would look beautiful on my razor
  8. I :heart: it! Great if you could just find me one too....:graucho:
  9. Wow, thats so cute. Really fast shipping too! Congrats.
  10. for some reason, i like it better on the speedy than the phone... i think it stands out more on it.
  11. Aw very cute! I like the idea of putting it on a bag..I already have the black one, though the fuchsia would match my phone so much better lol.
  12. that is so cute! congratulations and boy the shipping was fast!
  13. Congrats! Very Cute!
  14. Very cute, I love it!!!
  15. Gorgeous! I think I want one now ;)