my beloved LVs

  1. hi .. i've been tryin to post it in the bag's showcase .. but i think it didnt come up .. so i try it again here .. these are all my collections of my bag .. the recent purchases were the speedy mini lin and epi passy .. sorry for not-so-good pics .. i took it wif my mobile .. hope u guys like it .. ;)
    clutches.JPG totes n shoulder bag.JPG small things.JPG
  2. Very nice collection!!
  3. great collection! congrats!
  4. Gorgeous collection!
  5. nice !
  6. Very nice!
  7. Nice collection! Lovin' that black Epi Z Clutch!
  8. great collection.
  9. great collection! do you like your epi passy? can it fit on your shoulder? i'm considering it in black.
  10. It's a great collection! You have a variety of lines.
  11. Very nice!!! Congrats on such a great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for sharing!! You have a wonderful collection!
  13. The Epi Passy looks absolutely beautiful.. Such a sophiscated colour!!
  14. Great collection!
  15. great collection