my beloved chloe's

  1. here are my few but very loved chloe's
    20060422(006).jpg 20060422(007).jpg 20060422(008).jpg
  2. I like the first one!
  3. The bracelet bags are gorgeous!
  4. Wow, pretty! Love the last one...
  5. Very unique bags!
  6. Very nice! I saw a Bracelet bag (middle pic) on Blufly this morning, too!
  7. I love the last one! Very unique and lovely! Congrats!!!
  8. I really love them all.....congrats
  9. WOW--I have never seen any of those bags before! Thanks for posting!
  10. chidzuyo

    thanx for coming by :smile:
  11. QuirkyCool

    thanx a million :smile:
  12. Great Chloe collection. :nuts:
  13. vicky
    this is my favourite.thanx for coming by

    thanx for ur kind words:smile:

    really?how much did it retail for?:idea:

    thanx alot, u just gave me a boost to go and buy another one:biggrin:

    thanx alot.:smile:

    thanks alot. enjoy the pics:smile:

    thanx a million:smile:
    i just did:biggrin: ur bags:love:
  14. pursegalsf

    thanx's words like these that makes me wanna go out and buy more:biggrin:
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