My beloved black paddington satchel has broke! HELP! The metal U shaped piece that

  1. the lock attaches to popped off and i can't get it back on (it looks like it has to be screwed on somehow which is impossible to screw the two ends on at the same time) I got it at bloomingdales - do you think they will handle the repair for me?
  2. definitely take it back to bloomies. How long have you had it? See my post to the recent thread about repairs. I would be careful if it is sent out for repair.

    best solution in my opinion is for them to give you a new bag if they will.
  3. I have had it since Oct 06 - less than one year. The thing is that they don't have anymore of these in store. I'm taking in back to bloomies tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers that this goes smoothly.
  4. What happened at Bloomies?