My beloved Balenciaga Collection!

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  1. Here is my current collection (hopefully another bright CP coming soon though!). Not as grande as many other amazing collections in our forum - but much loved none the less. :heart:

    Rouge Theatre City, with Cinnamon Coin with flash

    Rouge Theatre City, with Cinnamon Coin without flash

    The Le Dix

    with some accessories

    Black City Bag

    dressed up

    Rouge Vif bag with Tomato Coin Purse (for some reason I can't get this color to come out "right" in a photo!
  2. Rouge Vif with coin purse's (for some reason this color looks washed out in a photo and it's really not! It's a DEEP BRIGHT RED - sorry!)

    Sapin, Tomato, Pine and Cinnamon coin purses:


    p.s. Mods: I know there's a "place" for these collection thread, but I couldn't find it - my apologies! :flowers: Feel free to move it to the right place.
  3. Lovely collection beaux!! Thanks for sharing.....keep those coin purses coming:p

  4. aww pretty! you're a red lover :smile:
    if at all possible, can you post some RT/RV pictures? :smile: Are tomato and RT really that similar??
  5. ^^ The Rouge Vif and Tomato seems to blend right into each other, right? So weird!
  6. Wow, all your bals have such great leather! :drool:
  7. Wonderful collection beauxgoris! Love every piece! Thanks for sharing your pics!
  8. Great collection! Finally get to see the coin purses -- they're soo lovely!! :heart:
  9. I love your collection! I love your RT city and your cinnamon coin purse. My favorites in your collection. And of course, love your Le Dix! They are so hard to find, and you have to love everything about them! Do you use your Le Dix? Which of your bags do you use the most/what is your "go to bag?"
  10. love the black and reds! so pretty :love:
  11. Everything is gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing! :tup:
  12. BTW, here is the link for the bag showcase thread:

    If I were you, I would start a bag showcase thread - name it something fun!

    But I would also keep the thread here for your Balenciaga sisters. All of us love to see each other's collections, but we don't run over to the Bag Showcase Thread. :yes:
  13. Mmm gorgeous collection! Love the le dix and the coin purses!
  14. :woohoo: Great collection!!! :heart: I love your RT city, FBF and those coin purses!!!!
  15. Great collection "J".:woohoo: Love your Black City.:tup: