My Beloved Bag Collection!!!

  1. I have decided to post my bag collection, cos I LOVE looking at everyone elses, so thought I should post mine!! I am only 16, so the collection isn't quite as amazing as all of yours, but hopefully it will be one day!!!
    The Full Collection -
    Bottom Left to right = D&G, Chanel, Coach, Mulberry
    2nd row, left to right = MJ Blake, Balenciaga City, Christian Dior
    3rd row, left to right = LV, Marni (Love this bag!!), Marc by MJ
    At the back = LV
    Close Up of The Evening Bags -
    My next purchase will hopefully be a blue glazier balenciaga with GH!!!!
    Thanks for looking!!!
  2. your collection is great, amazing for being only 16! your going to have an amazing bag collection as you get older, i can tell :biggrin:
  3. Cool collection!!! I love that Chanel evening bag! :biggrin:
  4. Nice collection! Love your little evening bags. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Amazing collection :heart:
  6. great collection
  7. Great bags. Love the Chanel.
  8. You have a great collection for your age! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Haha, thanks for the comments everyone!!! Hopefully i will be getting many more soon!!!
  10. Great collection!
  11. Great collection!! Can't wait to see more!! =)
  12. Love the dior rasta!
  13. Thanks!! I use that bag soo much, it is great for travelling!!!
  14. Gotta love that chanel! Thanks for sharing!
  15. beautiful!! for 16 i think you have great collection going! :smile: