My belly button is gone

  1. My belly button used to be inverted. But now as I approach my EDD, my poor belly button is stretched beyond recongnition! And I am so sensitive at that area, that if some one will to touch thet area accidentally, I will get real mad. Is it just me or is there some one who also feels the same way
  2. Oh, I remember that very clearly! With both my pregnancies, my innie turned into a flattie/sliiiiightly outtie. It felt like a big huge bruise and if anything even brushed against it, I'd wince in pain. But don't worry, it'll turn back into an innie a few months after you deliver (and your belly shrinks). And of course, the sensitivity and pain will go away too. Enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy! :smile:
  3. I'm an innie and I was expecting mine to pop out when I was pregnant, but all it did was other words I looked liked I had a huge crater in the middle of my stomach!!!
  4. hahaha, lol. Sorry I am not making fun I just remembered when happened to me, it was nasty and I hated it, my belly button looked so weird I did look like a little ballon because of that, it was funny tho, just enjoy it, because you will miss being pregnant (at least I did), sleep as much as you can now before you little angel is born, good luck.
  5. Yes I have the same problem. It's all stretched out and sensitive. DH likes to touch it and it really irritates me. Just the other night I yelled at him for doing that again and I had to tell him I was serious, it really was not a pleasant feeling, can't explain it. I think he got the message. ;)
  6. I had a very deep innie, and it turned into an outie and my SO would poke it like as though it were a button. lol. Now the innie looks really strange after giving birth.. its very wide now.
  7. It's so strange how that works. My belly button popped out with my first two pregnancies, and with this one it is still an "innie"
  8. Thanks for sharing. I am starting to feel like a bear with a sore head each time someone brushes against it. Good to know I am not alone. Honestly I can't wait to see my angel too :tender:
  9. MIne is exactly the same! It looks like a little penis sticking out! is what it is. LOL! It hurts too!

    People comment and I just say... it is all part of being pregnant LOL!
  10. It's weird how strangers think it's okay to rub your belly without your permission. I had an outie around my 8the month and I hate how people would actually point it out. Hang in there! :yes:

  11. I just had dinner with a group of friends earlier. I tell U , during the whole dinner all of them keep rubbing my belly, I tell U I am on the verge of trying to look for a baseball bat and telling them "Hands off" :cursing:
  12. My belly button popped out too, it's like one of those turkeys with a button that pops out when the turkey's done cooking! Maybe it means the baby's ready to come out of the oven!
  13. Don't comes back later!