my belated love for baby coco cabas

  1. I bought a black leather baby cabas a few weeks ago and kept wondering if I'd wasted money on a bag I liked but wasn't sure I was passionate about.

    After using it for a few weeks and travelling with it, I now love it. My only concern, which I'd love to hear your thoughts on, is the fact that the hw is silver and I invariably wear gold jewellery.

    Another Chanel related problem I have is that I bought a gorgeous cream/pale yellow jumbo flap 4 months ago (another silver hw bag!). I feel paranoid that it will get dirty, so I've worn it only once!!! I get so upset w/myself for spending so much money and not bringing myself to using a bag I adore regularly. Any thoughts?
  2. Personally I prefer the silver hardware on Chanel bags (all but one of my chanel bags have silver hardware) and I usually only wear yellow gold fact I'm learning to become a jewelry designer and will only work in 24k gold, but no, I don't think the two have to exist exclusively. Fashion is such a mixed bag (excuse the pun haha) these days that if you love your stuff and strut it, you'll always look hot! Who says everything has to be matchy-matchy anymore? :cutesy:

    As for not using that jumbo flap, you just gotta break her out! She's too gorgeous to stay hidden in your closet. Just be careful when you carry her...and worst case you can still get her sent to Chanel for cleaning!
  3. I think your bag is so nice it will go with everything and no need to worry about your jewelry.:p

    When your bag is that hot ...the rest of that stuff doesn't matter ** JMOI

  4. Funny, I only wear 24K jewellery. Good luck aand thank you so very much for the comments!
  5. I also prefer the silver colored hardware on the black coco cabas. I wear a variety of colors of jewelry, white gold, sterling silver, yellow gold. I find that the black itself of the bag matches everything so I don't concern myself with the chain too much.

    Only prob with the cabas is that I like wearing it on my elbow, but sometimes it leaves chain marks in my skin.
  6. i know what you mean about the baby cabas... i am ashamed to say that i got one because it was such a popular bag... but now that i've had it for a couple months... i can't put it down! i love how the bag keeps its shape no matter how much stuff u put in it and how it's beautiful and understated. :smile:

    i also think the bag looks better with the silver hw.
  7. i don't really think it matters if your jewellery is gold and the hardware of your bag is silver-- like what ldldb said, i don't necessarily think its important for these things to be too "matchy-matchy".

    as for your pale coloured chanel, start breaking it out for short periods at a time, at the very worst, you can always take it to chanel for reconditioning/cleaning. Alternatively, maybe try applying a protective spray of sorts? Appleguard is supposed to be good, but i'd do a bit of research before attempting to apply it on a chanel.
  8. i've been using my cabases with gold jewelry, i don't really care :p
  9. I used to be a freak about matching hardware to jewelry... now I just embrace the differences and let the 2 colors coexist.