My Belated Birthday Present . . . .

  1. My birthday was SO hectic this year.

    Two days before my birthday I fracture my arm. Due to family circumstances, there was a memorial service the day of my birthday. My parents flew to Toronto so they could attend.

    Amidst the mess, we managed to do a very nice family party. I still had the fractured arm and a messy apartment.

    My parents and I came to the agreement that once my arm healed and once my apartment was clean they'd send me flowers.

    They came today!

  2. Hi Caitlin - I'm pleased to hear that your better now - beautiful roses by the way. Did your fractured arm stop you from posting on tpf or did you type with one hand?
  3. beautiful! :tup:
  4. I typed with one hand. (Nothing was going to keep me away from here!)
  5. I know what you mean - it's so much nicer to be able to join in on a thread as well as reading them!!!
  6. I sent a photo of the arranged roses to my parents with a notation to my mother that I would appreciate any critique she had on my arranging skills, because I'd like to learn how to do it properly. I just got a message from her with a suggestion.

    (She said that one of the roses was too long and that I should maybe even it out a little.)

    I've taken that in and here's the new arrangement:

  7. Looks great! I'd perhaps cut a few of the roses a little shorter so they look staggered some, but those are gorgeous!! I LOVE Baby's Breath with flower arrangements too... so delicate!

    Happy Belated Birthday!
  8. Happy belated birthday! I hope your arm is feeling a lot better. Those flowers are beautiful.
  9. Beautiful flowers!
  10. Happy belated brithday! Those roses are pretty. Flowers always make a wonderful gift imo.
  11. so sweet of them!! happy belated bday!! the flowers are beautiful!!
  12. Happy Belated Birthday, caitlin! Hope ya arm is better, and be sure to enjoy those gorgeous flowers! :flowers:
  13. Your flowers are beautiful! Happy belated birthday!
  14. How pretty are the flowers! - Happy belated birthday!:heart:
  15. Really pretty flowers, happy belatd b-day!