My belated Birthday Present! Reveal pics

  1. Hey Loubieholics!

    I've just had one of my holy grail shoes delivered this morning. It is sold out in all the London Louboutin stores but my contact in Customer Services helped me to locate a pair in my size in the Brown Thomas sept store in Dublin, Ireland.

    I'm doing this on my phone so will attempt to upload the pictures as well. So excited to get these!
  2. A preview....
  3. Say hello to So Kate 120 in Black patent leather! I am size 39 and it is true to size for those who are wondering.
  4. A few quick mod pics....excuse my leggings but I just completed a workout and ran back up to try my shoes on. So happy with these but they are a very steep heel! Will need to practice walking in these ones. ...
  5. Better mod these shoes!
  6. They look lovely on you!! Happy for you that you were able to snag a pair! :smile:
  7. Gorgeous!!! My black patent SKs are coming next week!!
  8. Thanks so much ladies. I can't wait to wear them out!
  9. Also scored a pair of one of my most coveted colourways in the Bianca style. This is the grey flannel version that was released around four years ago. Found them in the bay. They are in reasonable condition but need to have the inner sock replaced and rubber sole fitted by mm7.
  10. Great find! I live in my grey flannel New Simples in the winter.
  11. Lovely shoes and great legs girl.

    Rock them

  12. They look gorgeous on you!!!
  13. Looking Beautiful in your SK's.
  14. stunning enjoy them
  15. They look fab on you. Happy belated b'day!