My beige vegetable Lapanos!

  1. Here are pictures of my nearly one of a kind Lapanos. The SA at Louboutin on Horatio St. told me that only three pairs were sent to the US! They're beige leather. They're not patent leather. I like that because they're less trendy that way. The patent leather Lapano is such an IT shoe right now I wanted mine to have some staying power. Obviously the bootie is really trendy too but I think they're something timeless, maybe even vintage about these shoes. I'm so in love with them I thought they deserved their own thread :yahoo:


  2. OMG, I love them! fabulous! Are they more comfortable than your rolandos? They look comfy and gorgeous on you.
  3. Yes they are SO easy to walk in! They are incredibly comfortable, especially for the height. No wonder everyone loves booties!
  4. wow, they're stunning!! especially with nude legs!!
    i also have to agree that it was a smart decision to not get them in patent, they are so much more timeless because of that.
  5. ^^Yes, I also think non-patent is a great choice for this color. You'll be wearing these for years to come.
  6. Wow:drool::drool::drool: I absolutely love these!!! GREAT PURCHASE!!! Enjoy them:p
  7. Lucky you! They are amazing. I always thought those would be great if only they came in regular non-patent.
  8. Congrats! I absolutely agree that they have staying power especially in that color and in regular leather. I :heart: them even more knowing how exclusive they are.
  9. i love it when someone goes for an unusual colour instead of everyone wearing the same shade of CL (not to mention the same style)
    you did very well in getting these.
    CLs are really only getting interesting these days when you get a rare colour...:yes:
    i did that when the Lastics came out. i special ordered my very own colour.. well so far noone else has it and even though i havent worn them yet i love them just because they are more special!!
  10. I saw these on line in that color and liked them better than the black. Enjoy them, They look Hot!
  11. wow, i love them. That color is TDF. Use them well!!
  12. Those look great. I have the black patent ones, and while I really love them, I like the unique color of yours.
  13. Neiman's had these in the store when I went to try the black patent. I agree with you that they are beautiful. I didn't buy them, but loved them. I had to go up a full size as did two other ladies that were trying them on. Chica - how did they run in size for you?
  14. I think the color is fantastic! I remember seeing the camel lapanos at the Horatio street boutique and loved them. Great find!
  15. fmd914, I had to go up one full size. I am a US 7, wear a 37 in the simple pump and I had to go up to a 38 in these. My left foot is a half size smaller than my right foot, so it always looks a little big. I just put toepads in all my shoes to make up for it.

    Thank you so much leefi, lvforever, boslvuton, lawchick, LavenderIce, DemiCouture, ronsdiva, aa12, Zophie and stinam for your kind comments! I was told by the SA at Louboutin on Horatio that this color is different than the Camel the dept. stores are carrying. This color is far more subtle and muted in real life. They look like antiques to me, like shoes from the Renaissance era. They are absolutely fantastic. I don't know how much I'll be wearing them now that it's gotten icy here. I guess I'll just have to wear boots outside and put them on once when I get inside!