My Beige Med Classic Flap, to sell or not to sell?

  1. Hi guys.. I've been thinking about this for quite sometime.. As you have known, I have the Beige Medium Classic Caviar Flap in Silver Hardware and I've been thinking about selling it (of course, not here in PF) because i also own a light gold reissue.. Do you think that the color is pretty much the same? I would love to own them both but as you know, my bank account would not allow it as I am wanting to own a Red Handbag too.. What do you guys think? Your opinions are very much important to my decision making.. Thanks a lot in advance! :biggrin:
  2. To me, the classic and the reissue have their own unique look, as well as the colors you have. However, if you would rather own a red handbag more than the beige classic, I would sell it if needed.
  3. I think a spot of colour in your Chanel collection would be a great addition, so selling off the beige to fund a red bag sounds like a good plan to me! :nuts: :yes:
  4. I think if you are finding them too similiar and really want a red bag, than I'd sell the med flap. Its a gorgeous bag too, but if you really want something else that is a total contrast than I'd seek out the red bag.
  5. Hi! Rica I would sell the beige -which by the way matches with every outfit all year round-for a red only if it is another chanel hard to find stunner!:yes:
  6. the lure of the red is hard to lose lol, so if you do think your bags currently are too similar, then yes, I would sell.

    Do paler colours sell better in springtime? thats the question. If you do not think you will find a red soon, perhaps wait until the new year and that may help the price of your gorgeous beige (although I am guessing Australia etc, who are having their summer now would still snap it up lol ;))

    good luck with your decision :smile:
  7. if you really want a red bag, then go for it--sell the beige one.
  8. I love red. The beige goes with everything but red really pops.
  9. Yes, this the one that bothers me much chanelspell! I think that I can find this beige color again even though I sell it now, but a red is hard to find.. Thanks for your opinion guys! :biggrin:
  10. i agree. the red is soooo hard to find. But the beige will always be there. good luck rica!
  11. The reissue and classic are quite different, but since you have similiar colors, you may consider selling one and buy the red color in the design which you have sold. Good luck in your decision.