My Beige/Black Medium Reporter Arrived!

  1. Holy handbags! :love: :heart: This is my very first Chanel purchase (besides sunnies). I'm usually schmoozing in the Chloe forum!

    I am so impressed with the customer service from NM Boston. The bag was brand new in the box - untouched, unscathed. It took my breath away; it's beyond beautiful! I have been wanting the beige/black Reporter for over a year and the sale pushed me over the edge. It is so gorgeous that I'm afraid to actually start using it!

    Check it out - and ignore my dusty mirror and casual, Friday attire. :shame:
    ChanelShoulder.JPG ChanelShoulder2.JPG ChanelArm.JPG ChanelHang.JPG
  2. That is a hottie.... I am thinking of returning mine back to Saks since I am using the tote more and it is more practical for me. :yes:

    But the reporter bag is such a gorgeous bag,more casual than the classic flap.
  3. Beautiful on you...congrats!
  4. Love it! The reporter is one of my fave Chanel bags and the beige is tied with black for my fave cambon color (brown and pink can take a hike lol)
  5. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  6. Thanks ladies!!

    SoCal - nice to see you here. I'm movin' on upppp.... LOL!
  7. What color did you get Chloe_concord? You have such fab taste - with big Edith and I love the Chanel tote. I actually contemplated getting both but realized I would do the same thing you are - use one more over the other.
  8. OMG!!!!! It is truly TDF!! Congrats Roey!!! How is the strap drop, does it slip off the shoulder, how roomy inside, do you mind sharing the cost? Oooh should I get one, it looks awesome on you!!
  9. One of the straps kept falling off my shoulder while I was taking the photos, but walking around the house with it was fine. It is very roomy inside! Inside zip pocket, lipstick pocket and I think one additional pocket as well. I am still rather afraid of it - I fear either scratching it or getting it dirty, but what good is a bag if it can't be USED?!

    NM only did 30% to Saks 40%, so mine was $2222 plus sales tax. I'm still waiting for the receipt though - it wasn't inside the box or bag; no packing slip - or anywhere to be found! I have to call my s/a and find out what happened. I need to keep receipts just in case I ever decide to sell down the road. I'm sure she didn't forget to charge my card if she wants to receive her commission!!

    Edited to ask if you are the BagLovingMom with the large leather Gucci Horsebit Hobos? I have one in tan, so if you love that bag you'll adore the Reporter! It exudes that casual yet classy vibe.
  10. I got the beige/black tote in large size since it is more practical for me with a little one.
    Edith is different story from chanel, it is more edgy and you will fall in love with edith more and more by using it. I still love mt large edith and ended up keeping both chamois and chocolate.:yes:

    I think reporter in this color is very neutral and very easy going with outfits. It does look great on you even with jeans! Pricewise is wonderful too. I bought mine at Saks private sale for 30% off though,not as low as now 40% off,but hey no tax, that saved you around 160 bucks already...
  11. Wow! I have always loved that bag. It looks awesome on you :cool:
  12. Thanks so much Roey! Yes! I have the hobos, I love the tan too so our tastes are on par! Congrats again!!
  13. Roey- That bag is SOOOO hot on you! Congrats!!!
  14. roey that bag looks fabulous! So glad you are in love! Use it well and don't let a little dirt getcha down - lots of room for baby-wipes in the side pockets!!
  15. hey roey
    congrats! i'm so happy that your chanel piece arrived! it looks great on ya!!!!!! woo hoo new bag!!!