My before and after photos:

  1. i am so proud of myself i had been overwieght my entire life, and untill March this year i took steps to change it! scince then i have lost 15kgs (30 pounds) here are my results
    this 1st one was at my 16th about a year ago (june 23rd to be exact):
    the sencond one was taken today (please excuse 5 o'clock shadow) :
    DSC00267.JPG DSC00746.JPG
  2. Wow! Congratulations! That's quite an acheivement. You look great!
  3. You look great in both photos. Congratulations on your achievement.
  4. You look fantastic !!! You should be very very proud of yourself. :yes:
  5. You look fabulous!
  6. thank you everyone i am so proud of my self i had to share it here ( i know thats abit self centered but hey it was a b*tch to losse so i deserve it!)
  7. and today i acctually fit into the top i was wearing a year ago lol
  8. You look so great!
  9. all these hot fabolous guys loosing weight!
  10. thank you, you guys are tooooo nice, im so happy i can look good in the designer clothes i buy lol now $ is the only problem
  11. YAY Congrats!!! I know its hard to lose weight.. i cant even drop a pound.. and summer is coming up. :sad:
  12. I agree-that weight was probably very hard to lose-you did a great job! Lots of strength and will power.
  13. You look totally hot! Congrats, loosing weight is so hard.
  14. Congrats, you look great! Loosing weight like that is an impressive achievement!
  15. Hubba, hubba, you look great - congrats!!