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  1. :smile: I just wanted to share them i think they are fabulous

    they are big but i like flashy earrings, and although i am wearing sweats in the pictures, they would be AMAZING with a dressy outfit :smile: but knowing me ill prob wear them casually sometimes just cause they are so sparkly!


    JAG i :heart: U! ;)
  2. YAY! I am so excited for you! They look gorgeous on you! Enjoy them in the best of health sweetie!
  3. very nice indeed, I love amethyst.
  4. i know jag they got here SO fast! :smile: how awsome hehe and in fact they tried to deliver them sat but we werent home so they were even here then!!
  5. Gosh, those are pretty! Were they for a special occassion? I love amethyst and those are special!
  6. hehe nope no special occassion just needed a pick me up and i thought these babies would do the trick :smile: and they did!
  7. congrats!love them!
  8. Good for you! "Just because" is the best reason of all!:yes:
  9. congrats :biggrin: its beautiful!
  10. Beautiful! And they look fantastic on you. :smile:
  11. So very pretty!
  12. Congrats!! I love Amethyst! They look great on!
  13. Wow! Those are amazing! You could go casual or dressy in those - love! congrats
  14. very nice!
  15. They're absolutely gorgeous!

    BTW, did it hurt to pierce your tragus (is that what it's called?)