My beauuuuutiful BLUE INDIA Twiggy!!

  1. Wow, this color totally exceeded my expecations! It is VERY close to what we saw on the Bal website but maybe a tad bit darker and not as vibrant. I don't really see any grey in the color but maybe a tiny bit of green. The leather on my bag is delicious too... very much like my Rouge Vif. Smooth and beautiful. The back side has a tiny bit of veining but it's fabulous. I love my bag!! :yahoo:

    Sorry, just one pic for now. The flash is hitting this so it's not quite this light/vibrant. I'll definitely take some more later for you!
    bi twiggy.jpg
  2. BEAUTIFUL! Congrats! And yes, more pics please!
  3. OMG it's beautiful! Is it really like the colour on the pic because it looks so turquoise which is what I am hoping for. Congrats, Glimmer!!
    I'd love a twiggy BI as well, oh temptation!
  4. Thanks!

    Looking at my bag and then at the pic... the bag is really quite a bit darker. I will TRY to get an accurate pic this afternoon.
  5. Gorgeous! congratulations :yahoo:
  6. Gorgeous - can't wait to see more pics. I love the twiggy and the color is gorgeous.
  7. Can't wait to see more pics I think I love more and more the diffrent blue tones.
  8. oh it's gorgeous...congrats!:heart: :wlae:
  9. Congrats! It's amazing! Is the leather soft and smushy?
  10. Thanks for posting the pic and congrats on your gorgeous bag!
  11. Holy Pete!! "Beauuuuutiful BLUE INDIA Twiggy!!" indeed! I thought I might want it in the Day, but it looks so good in the Twiggy style that I may just change my mind. Can't wait to see more pics! Congratulations!
  12. Gorgeous! It's amazing the color variations I'm noticing in the Blue India. I got a first and in all my pic's it totally looks like a blue grey although in person it looks more like a teal grey. Mine really doesn't have any pop, which I was hoping from this color, but Glimmer yours is just TDF! I think I'm going to return mine and wait for the twiggy.

    Thanks for posting pics...let's see more! :yes:
  13. Oh that is just gorgeous! I love the color and the leather looks great! Congratulations!!!
  14. congrats!
  15. beautiful twiggy, i am starting to like the twiggy style more, and in blue india it's just lovely:wlae: