My beautyful Lockit PM Verone at home!

  1. Today I have picked up my Lockit PM in Verone - i love that colour very much! I have bought a scarf from Cartier, which matches my bag very good.:love:
    looping 006.jpg looping 003.jpg
  2. oo i LOVE the verone!
  3. soo pretty
  4. gorgeous, congrats!
  5. Beautiful!
  6. I love this bag! I should really start saving for one.
    Love your Cartier scarf, they have really nice ones.
    Enjoy taking them out!
  7. wow, love the's gorgeous! and yeah, the color is pretty too! congrats!
  8. Thank you all for sharing my joy! The colour is really nice und very versatile! I love the white one too - but for me personally the Verone is better (I'm not a young lady!). I'm in love with the white one if I see it on young ladies, it's just great!!
  9. Congrats!! That panthere scarf looks great with verone. Enjoy!
  10. love the lockit's color!! and i think the cartier scarf complements is beautifully. :smile: congrats!!
  11. very nice.
  12. Gorgeous bag and scarf! Congrats!
  13. Great bag - gorgeous!
  14. Very pretty! Congrats!
  15. That is so beautiful :nuts: Congrats :yahoo: