My beauty rec, what's yours?

  1. My facialist uses this product as her microdermabrasion base. She offered me a jar of the stuff since I was leaving the country and couldn't get my usual facial from her. I have to say I've never looked back. This stuff is amazing!!

    Clinical Skin Solutions Nitty Gritty

    One jar lasted me 4 months using it day and night. It's the best polishing stuff I've ever used. I'm not saying it gets rid of scars, but it does help erase the small problems and lines. :love:

    ...What's your rec?
  2. Rec for any product?

    My holy grail is Chanel Rectifiance Intense Eye. It's absolutely unbelievable-- worth every penny. It's such a wonderfully thick cream, that you only need a tiny bit per eye. Although if I was super rich, I'd slather it all over my whole body everyday :shame:
  3. Really? I'm tempted since I'd like a better eye cream.

    I'm horrible about using small drops of anything. LOL
    You know when they say a quarter for conditioner? I always want to use say 1.50 :lol:
  4. Bath and Body Gardener's Hand Cream (now discontinued -ofcourse).
    Also, I like Avon Clinical eye cream. By the second day of using it, I felt my upper brow lift.
    Does anyone have a suggestion for a tinted moisterizer and/or foundation that gives a dewy glow?
  5. ^ Oh yes. I loooooove Rectifiance. I'll never forget how amazingly baby soft my skin felt the first time I tried it. I only use a tiny bit around each eye before bed so one container lasts me forever.

    ^Same here! Except for me, it's probably like $5 :upsidedown: