My Beauty Diary Face Masks

  1. After so many years, I still think red wine works the best for my skin.
    They make my skin glow :biggrin:
  2. My new favorite is the cherry blossom one. Love My Beauty Diary masks because the serum doesn't have that sticky residue that some other brands get...
  3. Wow, I definitely want to try these out! Thanks for the tip!
  4. I love these! But unfortunately there was one that made me break out, I think it was the sake one.
  5. I love the Apple one, use it each time I break out and it calms the redness! Plus it smells like apple juice :heart:
  6. Origins clay mask !!! Could rave about it forever, great for pores!!
  7. looks really cool... def gna give one a try xx
  8. i love love love the red wine mask~!!! the sake and pearl one didn't work for me... there's more n more newer editions coming out~ i buy from sasa cos sometimes there are sale and free shipping~
  9. My favs are Apple, Black & White Pearl and Birds nest
  10. i've tried a couple of these & i like them a lot.
  11. i especially like the black pearl one the most.
  12. I want to try these I've heard so many good things
  13. I've tried most of them and my favourite is the Southern France Apricot one. It makes my skin very hydrated and soft afterwards.
  14. The Q10 mask is amazing!!
  15. I love the Apple and Bird nest one.