My Beauty Diary Face Masks

  1. Without a doubt, there are just some days where our skin looks tired, dull, and dehydrated. I know I've been having a lot of those moments lately b/c of law school, so I've been trying to use quick pick-me-ups for my skin and one of those tools is face masks. But not a traditional rinse off mask, but a serum fabric face mask.

    My Beauty Diary has already been mentioned in some of the threads in the BB SF. Mostly in Asian cosmetic threads. They are amazing! There is so much serum in each packet, that you can massage the extra serum into your neck and collarbone. It's just a really pampering experience for your face.

    I personally bought the Natto mask, which is primarily for hydration, but there are 17 different kinds of masks to choose from. They all target different concerns like anti-aging, pore tightning, brightening, hydration, etc. My face was so refreshed and "plump" afterwards, as it just soaked up all the serum. The fabric was nice and thick so it didn't tear when I unwrapped it. These masks will definitely be a staple in my beauty cabinet.

    You can get My Beauty Diary Masks on Amazon for $14-17 depending on the mask with free shipping if Amazon fills the order. There are 10 masks per box.

    Official site:
    Buy on Amazon:

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  2. I only tried the strawberry one and it was nice! I liked that the actual sheet wasn't some flimsy piece of paper but actual fabric :]
  3. I :heart: My Beauty Diary masks. They are inexpensive so I don't feel guilty using it 2-3 times a week, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. My favorite is the apple mask, but the black pearl is a close second. And the Bulgarian rose is really good too.
  4. ive used the
    -black pearl (very moist and whitening)
    -yoghurt (smells delish, like ice cream and is good for oily skin)
    -red vine (absolute awful and stun)
    -bulgarian white rose (not really hydrating and stingy a bit)
    -q10 (good for anti aging and very moist)

    all these masks lasted me over a year so id say it def worth the purchase. some was hit and miss but its like that with all skin care :smile:
    id def purchase some again after im done with my current skincare !

    p.s the sheets didnt fit my face sometimes or fell off so i had to cut the corners to press onto the nose etc.. but most sheets arent that good fitting for me lol
  5. Hey I must get some of that beuty dairy mask stuff. loks good. Hope it is smooth
  6. I've actually been hearing a lot of good things about this! I will try it someday!! ^_^
  7. i use this! i like it a lot, it cost about 15 buck for 10. pretty good ! i really like the pearl one and the apple one!
  8. i used the aloe and black pearl. they were pretty good.
  9. I got sensitivity from using Retinol, as a result spf28 sunscreen burned my skin red around the eye area and dry patches on my face. One aloe mask from MBD fixed it all...amazing!
  10. Love the strawberry and apples. Pop it in the refrigerator during the summer days and it feels refreshing.
  11. I Love the MBD mask :smile:

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  12. I love these too! Ive been using the MBD arbutin whitening mask -- it doesn't really "whiten" so much a just generally make your face look bright and glowy, and for like $1 per mask, I can use it whenever I've had a long day without feeling guilty for splurging :smile:
  13. Where can you purchase the mask?
  14. I've seen those at asian grocery stores around here. Maybe I'll give them a try.