My Beautiful X'mas Presents - Cara Rivets <3

Hi Ladies,

Have been sitting on the sofa since May, so have been very good. But my hubby spoilt me at Christmas and got me what I had my eye on all year!

Introducing medium Cara in Oxblood with Rivets and matching wallet!

Beautiful soft leather, love her! :heart::love:

Last Mulberry for a while as I'm going to be a mummy next year, so all money will be spent on bubs and not handbags!! :smile:

Thanks for letting me share x


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Thank you ladies, so much love for this bag and wallet! :smile:

Wasn't sure what the rivets would look like in real life, but although they are not subtle, they make the bag stand out and be a little different from the usual Cara. Was deciding between oak, black quilted or oxblood rivets and as it'll be my last bag for a long time, decided to splurge.