my beautiful Stuart Weitzmans!!

  1. i promised you pics of my new Stuart Weitzman's and now that i finally figured out how to put them online...HERE THEY ARE!These are the Linda style! Every woman should have a red shoe and this color is sooo delicious i just had to have them! cant wait to wear them out on the town!

    ps sorry bout the cruddy pic quality but i only have my cam phone so i have to make due until i get more technologically advanced:smile:
    girls.jpg linda.jpg stuart.jpg 0823071659.jpg
  2. LLLOVE Them!!!!!!! Take pic with your feet in them. check out mine : ) have you seen the sw's that are up for charity auction decorated by stars?
    swblack.jpg swred.jpg
  3. thanks and urs are sooooo cute as well! havent seen the ones on the charity auction yet...ill check once i get a chance tho. as i mentioned as i was taking these on my cell phone, trying to angle it up just right and get self timer set so the second pic is about the best shot i could get of my foot in it until my roomie is around to play photographer for me.haha. ill try to get a couple better ones up soon and see if i can use her dig cam to do it.
  4. Cute..congrats!
  5. super cute! thanks for sharing!
  6. I have to stand in front of a full lenght mirror to take my pics. My husband refuses to take pics of me in all my shoes!! ha ha