My beautiful new Marcie!

  1. Beautiful! The leather on it looks so amazing.
  2. Very spacious! I would say it's a little bit roomier (if not just as roomy) than my medium Paraty. It's very comfortable carried on the shoulder (with the 2 handles), on the crook of my arm and messenger style as well. :tup: In fact, I find it easier to carry than my Paraty which, if carried messenger style, sits in a weird spot so I only wear it on one shoulder. The long strap of Marcie is longer and a little wider. :biggrin: The color is as scrumptious as it looks in the photo. The most accurate capture of the color is the one in the close-up photo I posted.

    Go get your Marcie!!! I guarantee, you will not regret it! :graucho:
  3. Thanks, Tag! I will check it out! :smile:
  4. I love the tan color -- congrats! I have the Apple spray but did not use it on my Marcie and she's held up well.
  5. Thank you for the helpful info! I guess it's safe to say that Marcie holds up well without any protection. :ps: Although I think I will still get myself a waterproof spray, just in case. :p
  6. Thank you for the feedback. I have been very good by TPF standards :p, and after almost a year of "bag abstinence" found myself absolutely smitten by the Marcie. I've wanted this hue for a while now, but nothing's fit the bill until I came upon this particular Marcie. So excited because after a couple of days staring at Marcies in all sizes, shapes and colours online, I came home with my own today. YAY! Chloe boutiques are sold out nationwide of the tan calfskin Marcie satchel with detachable shoulder strap(was told it only comes in medium), only NM shows it online(but is described as small) but is back ordered until November. I just referred to it as the $1650 version as I called around in search for it this morning. Lucked out and found it at my local NM, last one in the store, hooray! So after checking every single minute detail of this perfection, I sprayed it lightly with a stain and water repellent. I read in the small booklet it came with(also at to "waterproof your leather good". I want to cuddle with my Marcie, but have to transfer all my Goyard Fidji's contents into it so I can start using her tomorrow.

    Thank you again, bagtwin ;)!
  7. love this color!
  8. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  9. You're welcome! :cool: Have you posted a reveal thread yet? I believe megababe has the same bag as us so we are bag triplets now! :woohoo::happydance:
  10. Major drools..... Congratulations on this gorgeous bag!
  11. Thanks again for sharing my Marcie happiness, everyone! :love:
  12. beautiful...congrats!

  13. Lovely bag! :smile:
  14. Hi there everyone!

    I also got myself a Marcie in the red color ( rosso) .
    Can I spray it with the collonil water stop spray to protect it from stains ?
  15. Very beautiful color, Congrats